How much did eBay sell StumbleUpon for?

Back to the core business: eBay parts with StumbleUpon

In May 2007 we reported as follows: "As the Wall Street Journal reports, the Internet company eBay is apparently about to buy the Web 2.0 service StumbleUpon". A year later, in May 2008, some professionals were already thinking about the usefulness of acquiring StumbleUpon and other services, as these hinder the core business of eBay rather than being worthwhile: “StumbleUpon was cheap to buy and is growing, but it does It makes no sense for eBay until it becomes clear how StumpleUpon can support eBay in the relatively new branch of advertising. At the moment, StumpleUpon could only help eBay make money through a sale. "

Well, again a year later, it was announced that eBay would like to part with StumbleUpon. The social web service is sold to its founders. Financial details were not disclosed.

eBay acquired StumbleUpon two years ago for around $ 75 million. Although the subsidiary is profitable, the Internet company is now separating from StumbleUpon again because of insufficient synergies with the core business, as is the case with Skype.

Frank Weyermann
Operator of the website