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What is a German degree worth in India?

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Master’s degree programs in Germany are in great demand due to the demanding way in which their in-depth teaching content is conveyed. Germany has had over 350,000 international students since 2017, making it one of the most popular destinations for studying abroad. Of these international students, around 18,000 come from India, which is the second largest group of international students at German universities. Given this large number of Indian students in Germany, the question arises of what a German degree is worth in India.

Why do students from India choose to study in Germany?

  • Educational quality: Thanks to their facilities, faculties, and resources, countries like Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom often attract students in the STEM subjects (math, engineering, science, and technology). Students from India who have an interest in research or who wish to study using the latest technologies or new developments in a particular field are drawn to the opportunities Germany offers.
  • Global environment: The global environment in which Indian students move during their studies in Germany is phenomenal and it is this attraction to join an international workforce that has a great attraction for Indian students. In addition, only a few universities in India offer comparable opportunities.
  • Diversity of courses offered: From music, languages ​​and art to business and innovation, Indian students can choose from a multitude of different courses for their studies in Germany.
  • Gaps in the résumé are not a problem: Universities in India are skeptical of students who have a large gap on their resume. That is why many Indian students choose to study in Germany, where gaps in their résumé are not a problem.

The value of a German degree in India

There are cases when students return to India after completing their studies in Germany. Some burning questions students may have on their return home are:

  • Will my German degree be recognized and accepted by universities and companies?
  • Do I get the opportunity to continue my studies here?
  • Will local graduates have priority over me when applying for a job in India?

However, these supposed problems are not as explosive as students might imagine. For one, foreign degrees are recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), which means that they are valued and valid in India. If your degree has AIU recognition, you will receive a certificate of equivalence that gives you the same position as the students who obtained their degree on site. In the case of master’s courses in Germany, however, it must be noted that the duration of the course must be at least two years so that the AIU can recognize it. In addition, fast-track courses are not recognized by the AIU.

If, on the other hand, your foreign qualification is recognized by the AIU, you can complete your further studies or doctorate in India if you wish. In addition, Indian employers do not differentiate between Indian and foreign degrees. On the contrary, they might prefer students with foreign degrees because they are more urbane. A disadvantage of applying for an Indian position as a graduate of a German degree is that German universities do not help you find jobs in India. Mediation committees at German universities generally do not contact Indian employers, which means that students who want to work in India lose the chance of university-mediated entry-level jobs in India. Mediation committees at Indian universities help students find jobs by inviting multiple companies to recruit on campus. These committees usually consist of the university director, professors and students from various departments.

If you have a German master’s degree, here's what you need to know about applying for jobs in India:

  • Your graduation will reduce the time it takes for your profile to be shortlisted;
  • They tend to get more vacancies;
  • It is easier for you to get into a higher salary class;
  • It is easier for you to achieve leadership positions;
  • the conclusion improves your overall trustworthiness.

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The English original of this article was written by Varun Mehta and edited by Amelia Hayward-Cole.