How strong is Poseidon


Poseidon (Greek: Ποσειδῶν; Roman: Neptune) is the god of the sea in Greek mythology.

His siblings are Hades, Zeus, Demeter, Hera and Hestia, while Kronos is his father and Rhea is his mother. He is married to Amphitrite.

One of his symbols of power is the trident. His palace is deep in the sea, and he also created the horses from the wave foam.

He is actually a very relaxed god, although according to Homer he appears quite angry.


Poseidon, like his siblings, with the exception of Zeus, was devoured by Kronos. Since Rhea saved Zeus from Kronos, he saved Poseidon and the others, and finally waged a war against the titans, which he won.

Zeus divided the world into three parts: the sky, the sea and the underworld. Poseidon received the sea, while Zeus received the sky and Hades received the underworld.

Attica / Athens

It is said that Poseidon and Athena fought over control of Attica. It was decided that both gods should give Attica a gift. The god with the better gift should win. Poseidon gave the people a spring (in other springs a saltwater spring or a horse) and Athena planted an olive tree. They decided on Athena's gift, so the capital of Attica was named after her and was henceforth Athens.



  • Since the Greeks were once very dependent on shipping, it was often the case that Poseidon was greatly revered as the god of the seas and offerings were made to him. It even happened that Poseidon was worshiped more than Zeus. This development did not exist in Roman mythology.