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What men want: A dream woman needs these qualities

No doubt: the tastes are different. Each type has their own preferences and values ​​different things about their loved ones. And yet men largely agree on what is really important for women in life. Girls, open your ears!

1. The lovely exterior ...

Even if it always sounds a bit superficial, we know the following fact from our own experience: Of course, the visual counts. The appearance is the first thing we notice and within a few seconds we have checked the other person and formed an opinion. The outside says a lot about how self-confident a woman is (applies to men as well) and how she makes her tick.

The following applies: showing a little skin and making an effort with your appearance always goes down well - but in moderation, please. As always, the most important thing is that we feel good and that we radiate exactly that!

2. ... and the inner values

Yeah, the cliché says that men only need a few breasts and a crack butt to be happy. This may be very beneficial for the time being, but certainly not a guarantee for a long-term relationship. Because men prefer a stable character and a good heart with women at their side - a woman who is lovable and relaxed and yet knows what she wants. Let out how great you think you are or talk badly about other people? Pretty unsexy for men too! What matters is the heart!

3. Small head

Actually, we all want the same thing: we want to have fun together, be able to have a good time and make our life together better than our own. Good conversations need substance - so intelligence is extremely important. If there is nothing but hot air hidden under the fancy hair dryer, the chances are slim that the bed story will become something serious.

4. Hello, attention!

It's not always all about us. Men too want to feel that they mean something to us and want to be surprised - be it with an evening together or with something that they can unpack (us ??). Being caught off guard with sex should definitely make him shine. So go ahead and eat your loved one spontaneously if you feel like it. And one more piece of advice: Please never, ever, ever make comparisons to your ex or other affairs that might have been better. Or do we want to hear how endlessly long, flexible and slender Nina's legs were back then?

5. A little jealousy

A little sensitivity and a little pinch of jealousy from time to time are not as bad as you might think. The dosage is very important. Men do not want stalker-like psychopaths who scream hysterically when he was still out for a beer with his colleague, but a woman who marks her territory and has a keen sense for her loved one and possible dangers. A small signal of jealousy is quite attractive, welds you together and shows him how much he means to her. But please not too much.

6. Sure, sure

Safety also plays an important role for men. Precisely because of the expectations of the gentlemen as breadwinners / protectors / rocks in the surf, they want to be absolutely sure that they can tell their partner everything in confidence, and that they are also allowed to show weaknesses. That means in plain language: No gossip to your best friend or mother (not even the shortened version) if he tells you something in confidence.

The same applies to problems and arguments: not every small argument has to be communicated directly to third parties. It makes him feel stupid around these people, and your friends may think badly of this bad guy who is constantly causing trouble. Of course we want to let out some air. But self-discipline is sometimes worth more.

7. The perfect mix

No man wants a burping buddy substitute who gives him the ghetto fist after sex. But: If a woman manages to be friend and buddy at the same time, then that is the fine art and pretty close to the dream woman. Are we successful in our job and loving at home? Can he tell us dirty jokes and not have to be ashamed of his fantasies? Can he tell us (almost) everything without us judging him? Can he have a beer with us after a romantic dinner and just talk stupid things? Then maybe we're already the perfect mix ... Then he wants to go to the cinema, on vacation, to bed and into the future with us.

8. Be authentic

If a man has the feeling that his loved one is opening up to him and also talking to him openly and honestly about everything, the signs are good. Show him who you are and what defines you! Don't be a copy of his ex-bombshell, just be yourself! Stand by yourself, by your body, by what you have achieved. Do not scold yourself, but be proud. The happier both partners are on their own, the better the relationship can go and the closer both can be.

We summarize:

Confident, relaxed, intelligent, with heart and soul, here and there a little surprise and a lot of authenticity - and the dream woman is ready! Where is the problem?! Hello here we are!

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