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Dita Von Teese: Out of the martini glass, into the music business

Dita Von Teese is the great icon of the burlesque revival. Since her marriage to shock rocker Marilyn Manson, Von Teese (bourgeois Heather Renée Sweet) has been a real star herself and likes to bathe in a martini glass because of her job. And now she sings too! The 45-year-old American recorded her self-titled debut album together with the French songwriter Sébastien Tellier.

For a conversation in a Berlin luxury hotel, she appears perfectly styled in a tight black dress. But at no point does it appear artificial.

prisma: Mrs. Von Teese, you are considered to be someone who pays special attention to your outward appearance. Can you imagine sitting on the couch as a fat woman 30 years from now?

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Dita Von Teese: I hope that doesn't happen! I try to keep moving all the time. Women who are twice my age keep telling me: The most important thing you can do for yourself is to keep moving. That's why I rarely watch TV. I want to do something continuously. I only binge watch when I'm out and about. People always ask me, "What's your secret? How do you get over your weaker self and do your work-out?"

prisma: And your answer?

Von Teese: (laughs) I think about how lucky I can be to be able to move my legs at all. Some people don't have this option because they may have had an accident or are sick. I always remember that to get up and do something.

prisma: Would you agree with Karl Lagerfeld who said: "Anyone who wears sweatpants has lost control of their life"?

Von Teese: Everything Karl says is outrageous to the masses. That's what I love most about him! And yes, I think I have to agree with him. It is very tempting to get comfortable. But it is part of the discipline not to indulge in comfort.

prisma: Music has recently become one of your activities. Can you listen well to the singing on your debut album?

Von Teese: I try to avoid that as much as possible! Sure, I had to hear the record a couple of times while it was being made. It is very strange to me. But if I do, then I prefer to listen to my duet with Sébastien Tellier, because I love his voice. He wrote the album for me. So it's his view of me and my life.

prisma: But do you recognize yourself in it?

Von Teese: Let's put it this way: At first it wasn't easy for me to get involved. When it comes to burlesque, I have complete control and a lot of confidence. But with the album, it's almost like someone opening the door to my private life. My voice conveys my vulnerability. It is not a product of my imagination like my burlesque shows, and it cannot be manipulated. I really had to get out of my comfort zone to sing.

prisma: But on your way to the top of the burlesque revival, you certainly had to overcome yourself a lot, right?

Von Teese: Not really. There were many small moments that led there. I started out as a ballet dancer at a young age. So I was used to being on stage and being comfortable with my body. When I was 18, I started performing in nightclubs. I had plenty of time to do the baby steps. And I've never felt ashamed of making a living as a stripper.

prisma: Were there times when you were underestimated or labeled as a simple pin-up doll?

Von Teese: Yes, of course. There are always photographers who don't exactly create the best atmosphere on the set. What I can't stand at all is when people grab my arm and want to push me somewhere. I can easily find my way on my own! In any case, I won't let myself be pushed around or touched. I can be quite clear about that.

prisma: You have now published two books, brought various perfumes and a women's underwear collection onto the market. Is What You Do More Fun Or More Business?

Von Teese: I couldn't have imagined all that before. I started burlesque dancing for fun. I never thought that this would make me famous. At some point the fun got serious: I had to make business decisions. It was a steep learning curve.

prisma: How important was shock rocker Marilyn Manson, with whom you were married until the beginning of 2007, for your career?

Von Teese: Well, we were together for seven years. So I don't think so much about how important it was to my career, but much more about what it means to my life in general. I've learned a lot from each of my long-term relationships. I am glad that we can now be friends. I was only at his birthday party in early January - it was pretty wild. We had an interesting artist-muse relationship back then. He happily gave me off his limelight. But he also used my world as an inspiration for his music. It was a give and take.

prisma: But the guys with a bad boy image have cured you by now, haven't you? You have been in a relationship with the rather well-behaved graphic designer Adam Rajcevich for four years.

Von Teese: That's right! I'm at a point in my life where I don't want so much drama anymore. Which is not to say that I married a rock star because I loved drama - it wasn't always like that with Manson.

prisma: Would you like to get married again?

Von Teese: I live with my boyfriend. But somehow I have the feeling that I already have the big wedding of my life behind me. And I didn't even enjoy the ceremony as such. It felt more like a performance, like a gig. I even felt quite uncomfortable going down the wedding age.

prisma: Where is the romantic Dita?

Von Teese: Yes, I know it sounds tough. But I was never in such a mood that I said: "This is going to be the best day of my life." Other girls are driven by the idea of ​​a wedding. For me it was all rather strange.

prisma: And becoming a mother is not for you either?

Von Teese: (pauses briefly) I have the feeling that it has to be considered carefully whether one wants to bring more people into the world when the planet is already overcrowded anyway. I think it's a very modern attitude to refrain from that. It's strange that everyone always wants to push you to become a mother. Why is that? In any case, children have a different meaning in life for everyone. I love them too, but I don't want my own.

prisma: Do you worry a lot about the state of the world?

Von Teese: Yes, of course. It's scary what's going on around us right now. We live in strange times. Even women who are 80 and have seen a lot of history tell me that it is quite extreme at the moment.

prisma: One person who also stands for this change is Donald Trump. You should have already met him ...

Von Teese: Oh yes. I met him in his over-the-top, gold-plated office in New York. He wanted me to be on the reality show "The Celebrity Apprentice" that he was on at the time. I didn't even know the show, but my manager at the time thought I should listen to it. I immediately felt that Trump couldn't stand me.

prisma: Because you are not blonde?

Von Teese: (laughs) My natural hair color is blonde! No, I think he felt how much he and I didn't care about the show. I wasn't a fan or a girlie. And his smug demeanor disgusted me. Little did I know I was talking to the future President of the United States. Anyway, until the very last moment I thought it unlikely that he would take office.

Source: teleschau - the media service