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Since Groupon, there has not been an IPO similar to that of Blue Apron, which went public for $ 3 billion and went for $ 2 billion ("Blue Apron is taking $ 300 million instead of $ 450 million") and valued at $ 1 billion today.

At the Code Commerce Conference, Blue Apron founder Matt Salzberg tried to justify himself today ("We’re not Amazon-Whole Foods, and we’re not trying to be"):

"We're not going to go and be a head-to-head mass-market grocer like Amazon and Whole Foods are trying to be," he said.

"We don’t want to be everything to everybody. We are a curated brand with a point of view on home cooking ... and that lifestyle that surrounds that. "

All in all, Matt Salzberg made a confident impression, is surprised at the lack of respect for entrepreneurial performance and sees the main challenge in adapting to the new situation as a listed company.

But after Blue Apron recently had to cut its marketing expenses, Hellofresh, which was not an issue at all in the interview, now has a good chance of overtaking Blue Apron (“Hellofresh with € 435 million (+ 49%), Blue Apron with $ 483 million). (+ 29%) in the first half of the year ").

In addition to Blue Apron, the Code Commerce highlights of the first day included Kirsten Green from Forerunner Ventures (“The investor behind startups with billion dollar exits explains how retail needs to change”) and Boxed founder Chieh Huang, who rocked the hall and a similarly good one Made an impression like at Shoptalk17.

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