What is the food spam

What is that actually SPAM®?

As early as 1926, the Austin, Minnesota-based Hormel Foods Corporation was making canned meat: Spiced Ham. After a naming competition in 1937, it became SPAM®.

Traditionally, canned meat only consists of the 6 ingredients mentioned above. In the meantime, SPAM® is also available in a wide variety of variants: with turkey, garlic, cheese, jalapenos, teriyaki seasoning, reduced fat and sodium and ... and ... and ...

During the 2nd World War SPAM® experienced a huge boom, because both the US troops and the troops of the Allies Russia and Great Britain were supplied with the meat in tins. It does not require any cooling, is nutritious, easy to transport and has an almost infinite shelf life.

Since there was a large military presence in Hawaii during and after World War II, the inexpensive alternative to fresh meat also found its way here. Finally it found its way into the kitchens of the civilian population and was included in the menu according to the different origins of the country.

In 1970, the British comedian group Monthy Python did a sketch about canned meat: A couple ended up in a diner that only had dishes with SPAM® on the menu. But the wife doesn't like SPAM®. A discussion then begins with the waitress, who then recommends dishes that contain as little SPAM® as possible. All the other guests in the snack bar are Vikings who sing the praises of SPAM® - over and over again, every time the word SPAM® is mentioned. According to Monthy Python manner, the whole story then escalates into the unbearable - but it was also a nice advertisement for the SPAM® brand.

Later in the 1990s, unsolicited commercial messages began to accumulate in email inboxes. The sketch was remembered and the annoying advertising garbage got its name: SPAM.

That wasn't necessarily the kind of advertising you want your product to be.

But Hormel Foods reacted with humorous campaigns and was able to maintain the cult around the "Mystery Meat".

At the company's headquarters in Austin, Minnesota, the history of canned meat can be explored in great detail: in the SPAM® Museum. The tour guide is the official mascot SIR CAN-A-LOT®. www.spam.com/museum