Do you ever get tired of yourself

5 causes of constant fatigue

5 causes of constant fatigue

Slept well and long last night and still tired today? How can that be? There are many causes of constant fatigue. We'll tell you the 5 most common reasons for tiredness and put an end to constant yawning!

Phew, you're dead tired again in the morning and the whole day seems to lie ahead of you. You haven't felt really awake in days. But once the causes of constant tiredness are known, you can quickly defend yourself with a few tips and use the nights to recharge your batteries in the future.

1. Fatigue due to lack of nutrients

A lack of nutrients can be the cause of constant fatigue. If there is a lack of vitamin B12 in the body or if there is an iron deficiency, then we feel tired - the body is not properly "nourished". If you do a blood check at the doctor, you will get certainty. Don't worry, you can get a nutritional deficiency under control quickly by taking vitamin supplements and eating a balanced diet.

2. Tiredness from sleeping too much

In case you've ever wondered if you can too too muchl can sleep, the answer is "yes!". More than eight hours of sleep can have a negative effect on the body and make it limp and sluggish. The ideal length of sleep for people is between six and eight hours a night. Unfortunately, this also applies on weekends. If you set the alarm clock to the same time every day (a deviation of one hour on the weekend is okay), then the body develops a routine that provides more power!

3. Fatigue because of hormones

The body goes crazy with hormonal fluctuations, which is nothing new. In addition to hot flashes, sleep disorders can also occur. If the symptoms persist for several days, it is best to consult your family doctor, because the thyroid gland may be responsible for the problem. Since the thyroid is a particularly important hormone producer, it is very likely that an overactive thyroid could be the cause of your sleep disorders.

4. Fatigue due to poor sleep quality

Home remedies for a peaceful sleep without stress:

⇒ Warm milk with honey
⇒ A hot bath
⇒ Lavender drops
⇒ Valerian or hops tea
⇒ A piece of chocolate
⇒ Read a book

You have fulfilled your eight-hour sleep target, but still feel weak and tired? Then there is a lack of quality of sleep: Have you perhaps had a glass of wine in the evening, sat in front of the television for too long or is an argument as heavy in your stomach as the pizza that was eaten with relish late in the evening? All of these factors cause problems sleeping through the night and pesky rolling in bed. On the days when you are particularly tired, relax and think about what you have done, eaten, seen or heard the night before. Most likely, you can spot a cause or two of troubled sleep.

5. Chronic fatigue syndrome

If tiredness suddenly occurs chronically and you notice accompanying symptoms such as poor concentration, headache, muscle pain and aching limbs, a doctor's visit is imperative. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a disease that only a doctor can diagnose and treat with the help of individual treatment and medication. However, it is quite difficult to clearly identify CFS, as many symptoms are also associated with other diseases.