What does a great hard rock mean?

Hard rock look

«Fashionable legends are timeless! »

Striking, powerful and self-confident - the hard rock style proves to be fashion with a statement character. Denim and leather as well as numerous sophisticated details give you the opportunity to express your preference for hard guitar riffs and impressive drum solos. You can find out what makes the hard rock look and how you can implement it in our article.

Hard rock as a lifestyle

From the initial phases with Deep Purple and ZZ Top to AC / DC and Guns N ‘Roses to current icons such as Wolfmother and Queens of the Stone Age - hard rock and its subgenres are an integral part of our modern culture. As a widespread and constantly evolving style, hard rock not only shapes a large part of our musical landscape, but also our fashion. With the hard rock look, music fans want to express their preference for the genre and the associated lifestyle.

Dark colors and robust materials symbolize the dark, hard tones of rock music. And the hard rock style is also very popular far away from die-hard rock and metal fans.

Fashion enthusiasts like to use the look to make statements and add variety to their wardrobe. Would you like to express your wild side with the hard rock look or are you looking for new inspiration for your own personal rocker styles? In our article we introduce you to different fashionable looks for men and women.

The basics of the look

Classic rocker fashion doesn't have a lot of rules. In order to radiate authenticity, the few components that make up the style should be implemented all the more meticulously. The distinguishing features of hard rock are:

  • dark colors (especially black, dark blue and dark red)
  • hard-wearing, characteristic materials such as leather and denim
  • targeted accessories such as studded belts and sunglasses
  • expressive prints, pins and / or patches

Exceptions prove the rules - this also applies to a rocker outfit. However, before you dare to experiment and, for example, grab an unusual white leather jacket, we recommend trying the classic style.

(Almost) everything made of leather

No other material is used more often in the typical hard rock look than leather. From the jacket to the pants or the skirt to the shoes and accessories - the more of the tried and tested material of natural origin, the better.

The preferred color for a casual hard rock style leather look is black. For example, if you wear a black leather jacket with black leather pants or a black leather mini skirt and black tights and black leather boots, you have a fantastic foundation for your rocker outfit. Now all that's missing is a colored T-shirt, preferably with a striking ribbon print, and a cool leather accessory with rivets, for example a bracelet or a belt.

A colored bandana with a paisley print that is worn around the neck, wrist or head enriches the look with a stimulating contrast.

By the way: More and more fans of hard rock are choosing synthetic leather as an alternative to real leather. High-quality materials produced offer you an authentic look and a similar wearing comfort.

Quality synthetic leather can also compete with real leather in terms of durability and longevity.

Cool looks with denim fabrics

In addition to clothing made of leather, we often see jackets and trousers made of denim in hard rock style outfits. Coarsely structured materials that prove to be particularly tear-resistant and robust are preferred. A conspicuous stone washing, holes and rubs are just as welcome here as the colors blue, gray and black.

Like a leather jacket, a denim jacket is part of the standard equipment of a hard rocker. A casual regular fit is recommended for men, women can choose a fashionable oversize or a tailored model instead. You can wear the denim jacket, for example, in combination with jeans. With a different color tone you give the outfit additional dynamism.

Instead of a band shirt, for example, you can wear basics such as a neutrally colored T-shirt, a tank top or a casual shirt. By the way: Passionate music fans often decorate their leather and / or denim jackets with pins and patches from their favorite bands. You can easily do this yourself at home.

Jeans meets leather

When it comes to hard rock style, you don't have to make a decision, you can simply combine items of clothing made of denim and leather.

Whether you wear the denim jacket with a leather skirt or the leather jacket with jeans is up to you. We recommend classic and uncomplicated colors as black for the leather and blue for the denim. With the tops, you can use the basics as a lady as well as a gentleman. A white or black shirt with or without a front print with a band motif is ideal.

Our tip: Instead of buying band shirts, you can simply have your basics printed yourself. Monochrome garments from established brands such as Fruit of the Loom offer the ideal basis for beautiful prints that are expressive.

Dare to take on new looks

Fashion expresses itself through change. The hard rock look does not necessarily have to be stubborn and straightforward. Other style elements brought in creatively and joyfully bring new momentum to the style. A baseball cap or beanie as well as sneakers enrich the look, for example, with an urban touch - ideal for a youthful and carefree hard rock look.

For example, women can wear the leather jacket with a band shirt and rivet collar with a romantic maxi skirt made of chiffon. Bring your personality and create individual looks with a unique character!

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