Bill Gates invests in startups

Bill Gates Fund invests another billion in energy and cleantech companies

Breakthrough Energy Ventures is looking for another 40 to 50 startups that want to solve the most pressing problems.

In the past few years, the Cleantech Fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures, initiated by Bill Gates, has invested US $ 1 billion in a large number of Cleantech companies - reported on many of them (see below). The aim is to achieve a world without carbon emissions through innovation. Now Bill Gates and his partners have raised another billion - and want to help in particular to tackle the most pressing problems.

Climate-friendly steel and cement production, long-distance transports and technologies for separating carbon from the air are particularly pressing problems. Incidentally, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also pays special attention to the last-mentioned technology: Next week, Musk plans to name details of a competition for the best technology in this area. For this, 100 million US dollars are to be made available as an incentive:

Breakthrough Energy Ventures became known in December 2016. The investors and the board of directors include more than a dozen tech entrepreneurs such as Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Reid Hoffmann, Jack Ma and Michael Bloomberg.

So far, the focus of investments has tended to be on more classic technologies: For example batteries, fusion reactors, biofuels, geothermal energy or alternative protein sources. It is particularly important that Breakthrough Energy Ventures be patient until technologies are developed and generate returns. Usually, returns should be earned after five years.

Don't make a mistake. The challenge that lies ahead is enormous - and it is extremely complicated. But we know our strategy. Focusing on innovators and partnerships is the way to go.

Bill Gates

But Breakthrough Energy Ventures also has high requirements for this. Companies must make it credible that they can scale to a size that can save at least 500 million tons of CO2 per year - that is, one percent of global emissions.

Investments in cleantech or climatetech companies are booming worldwide. To achieve the low-carbon economy, more than $ 500 billion was invested in the past year 2020. Amazon is also active in this sector, which supports the electric car startup Rivian with its Climate Pledge Fund. Microsoft has also started similar investments and wants to become climate neutral itself.

News about cleantech startups that Breakthrough Energy Ventures has invested in: