What does an owl tattoo symbolize

105 tattoos of the eagle owl (meaning)

The image of the eagle owl is very fascinating for some reason. This bird symbolizes wisdom and is one of the preferred birds as a design.

The eagle owl is a creature of the night, with large and brilliant eyes. They are very sensitive and cannot stand the light of the night.

Many of those who get an eagle owl tattoo believe that this animal contains a magical species, a mysterious source of power that will help them face any change in life or help them gain confidence in themselves. The drawings of eagle owls were a common illustration in the ancient books of magic and therefore they are understood to be the origin of belief in magic.

In other cases the eagle owls are seen as symbols of death because of their association with the night. However, in the majority of cultures, the eagle owl has fewer negative connotations.

Meaning of the tattoos of the eagle owl

The eagle owl has existed as a symbol for a long time. It is present in Egyptian hieroglyphs and in the statues of the Maya culture. In addition, ancient peoples such as the Celts, Greeks, Romans, Hindus, and Indians had references to this bird of the night.

The eagle owl is interpreted as a symbol of Atenea, the Greek goddess of wisdom, and the Greeks valued her as a good strategist with regard to her maneuvers in the nocturnal hunt. The eagle owls are protectors of a sacred past and creatures that are present in many prophecies. They are believed to be a species that has crossed the walls of time and those who wear the tattoos of the eagle owls pride themselves on the fact that their figure is a symbol of ancient traditions.

Types of eagle owl tattoos and their respective meanings

The design of the eagle owl tattoo must be able to symbolize a message, but at the same time be attractive and elegant. There are those who prefer a colorfully tattooed eagle owl or those who are more drawn to monochromatic designs. Mostly they are tattooed sitting on a branch, but sometimes also in mid-flight. Some of the most popular designs that can be found are listed below.

1. Owls

The owl is a species of bird that represents elegance but also mystery. The design of this tattoo thus has a dual function, allowing one to see the beauty of this figure, but also to wonder about the secrets that lie behind this figure.

2. Eagle owls and hourglasses

There is no clear reference for this connection, but it is believed that this is due to the fact that eagle owls are connected over time.

3. Tribal designs

The indigenous American peoples still depict the eagle owl. The members of these peoples still see the eagle owl as a signal of an imminent fate and even imminent death, which is possibly due to the nocturnal activity of this animal. Nonetheless, the wearers of the eagle owl tribal tattoos say that this design serves as a protection against their own fears.

4. Celtic designs

The Celtic spiral and the Celtic knot are characteristic of the previous Celtic designs. This drawing can represent the threat of death, but also wisdom and intelligence. The tattooed person must further define the exact meaning.

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The best places to get a tattoo of these birds

The eagle owl figure is often depicted in great detail, even if its silhouette is very easy to recognize. He will be depicted in a static position or in flight, the location of the tattoo will be important in giving it a special meaning.
Above the shoulders they usually represent protection and surveillance, while on the lower part of the neck they represent the natural lifestyle of this bird, because this zone is hidden during the day and shown during the night.

The chest, back, feet, shoulders, and the lower part of the neck are the most commonly tattooed areas, but if you are unsure, see a tattoo artist and discuss with them where the ideal spot is.

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