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Youth and fishing

My child wants to fish, what should I watch out for?

Trial fishing

Preparatory courses and fishing license examination

My child wants to fish, what should I watch out for?

- under 9 years

Children who have not yet reached the age of 9 may, to a very limited extent, be involved in the fishing of an adult angler.

A child under 9 years can none Get a permit or youth fishing license. However, the adult angler with whom the child is fishing must have a valid fishing license and permit for the water.

Children under 9 years of age are not allowed to have their own fishing rod, but they can cast the rod of the adult angler and carry out the drill under supervision. Under no circumstances should it bait a live fish and stun or kill it.

The adult angler with whom the child is fishing must be a person with full authority over the child. She must be able to intervene at any time and must not move away from the fishing spot.

- Children or adolescents between 9 and 16 years of age

The youth can obtain a youth fishing license from the fisheries authority without Fishing license examination can be issued. He is only allowed to fish when accompanied by an adult fishing license holder, unless the young person has been a member of a fishing club for at least one year.

The child or young person needs a valid permit to fish. The supervisor (adult fishing license holder) only needs a permit if they fish themselves.

Applications for a youth fishing license can be found here.

- Adolescents from 14 years

At the age of 14, a young person can take part in the state fishing license test (as proof of competence) and receive a fishing license after passing the test. Participation in a preparatory course for the exam can be omitted if the young person has been part of a fishing club for 2 years.

With the additional requirement of a valid permit or other usage authorization for the respective fishing water, he can do it alone without Fishing supervision by an adult.

- Young people aged 16 and over

From the age of 16, a fishing license is compulsory, so that a young person may only fish under the supervision of an adult angler if he himself has passed the fishing license test as proof of competence and is in possession of a permit. For this reason, you should consider taking part in a preparatory course with a subsequent fishing license test in good time.

Applications for the Saxon fishing license can be found here.

Trial fishing

Fishing clubs often hold events to introduce children and young people to the hobby of fishing, to arouse their interest and at the same time to let them try fishing for themselves. At these events, the young people are not required to have a fishing license, as they are supervised by knowledgeable representatives of the association. In this way, animal welfare concerns are also preserved.

Preparatory courses and fishing license examination

The preparatory course lasts 30 lessons. It includes a theoretical part and a practical introduction to the use of the fishing gear and the treatment of caught fish.

The fishing license examination covers the following subject areas, from each of which 12 questions of approximately the same level of difficulty are asked:

  1. general ichthyology (structure of the fish body, structure and function of organs, age determination, differentiation of the sexes, fish diseases),
  2. special fish science (knowledge of species),
  3. Hydrology (water types, water zones, oxygen and temperature conditions, fish enclosures, stocking measures, water ecology, water maintenance, water pollution),
  4. Equipment science (permitted and prohibited fishing gear, fishing methods, treatment of caught fish, taking water samples) and
  5. Legal studies (basics and important individual provisions of fishing law, nature and species protection, environmental law and fish-specific criminal and administrative offense law).

Examination dates are determined as required by the examination leaders in the respective regional associations.

Test exam here