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Cell phone tariffs without throttling & with unlimited data volume / Internet

Cell phone tariffs without throttling? Unlimited data volume? Surf endlessly with no speed limit? Are there such offers and are they affordable?

We all know the common machinations of mobile phone providers, where we get an Internet flat rate with a fixed data volume and are throttled after consumption on GPRS with a grandiose 64 kBit / s or even less bandwidth. With the introduction of the o2 free tariffs, however, there are now also cell phone tariffs without throttling - at least quasi. But what is it about these offers?

In this article I would like to pick up on the trend of "cell phone tariffs without throttling". What are the disadvantages of restricted internet flats? And are there really providers who offer mobile phone contracts without reducing the Internet flat rate?

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With Cell phone tariffs without throttling you can have unlimited access to the mobile internet. You don't have to worry that your internet connection will be throttled to a minimum after a certain amount of data has been used. As a rule, this is currently 64 kBit / s - after using your (LTE) data, you can surf as fast as you did in the 1990s, roughly at modem speed.

Anyone who remembers those times knows that it wasn't exactly a pleasure back then. But in the meantime, websites have become significantly larger. With videos, images, GIFS, animations and other media, a website needs a long time to load at 64 kBit / s.

This naturally raises the question of cell phone tariffs without throttling. You could do that unlimited data volume surfing and would no longer have to worry about throttling, automatic data control, etc. Unfortunately, the number of such offers is currently still very limited and the prices are not exactly cheap.

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Cell phone tariff without throttling in the telecommunications network

Telekom has been offering the MagentaMobil XL, a mobile phone tariff without throttling, since March 2018. You can really surf endlessly with it - without speed regulation. The tariff also includes an Allnet Flat and SMS Flat. EU roaming is of course also on board.

The basic fee of € 84.95 may sound like a lot at first glance, but it is quite reasonable if you consider that there is actually no limit to the data volume. This mobile phone contract can be used as an alternative to a landline connection.

Cell phone tariff without throttling in the Vodafone network

Vodafone has also had a tariff with endless data volume since May 2018. This is called Vodafone Red XL and costs € 79.99 per month. Also on board is an Allnet Flat, SMS Flat and endless LTE or 5G Internet throughout Germany.

Similar to Telekom, there is 39 GB for use in other EU countries. There are no restrictions on SMS and telephony with Vodafone.

Cell phone tariff without throttling in the CO2 network

The o2 Free tariffs were introduced in October 2016. Since August 2018 there has also been the o2 Free Umlimited, which - like the offers from Telekom and Vodafone - offers endless data volumes without throttling.

Telefónica's own CO2 network is used for the CO2 Free tariffs. At € 49.99 per month, the o2 Free Unlimited tariff is around € 20 cheaper than the unlimited tariffs from Vodafone and Telekom.

Abroad, up to 24 GB per month are available - beyond that, you are billed per MB.

In addition, there are also cheaper offers with the O2 Free tariffs. These are then not really unlimited, but have a data volume of up to 120 GB. So a lot is still possible, as you can read in the o2 Free Test.

Freenet AG is pursuing a new approach with the "freenet RADIO“Tariff. Here you not only get the cheapest unlimited Allnet Flat in Germany, but also the most flexible one.

The uniqueness of the tariff begins with the way you order. Freenet RADIO can only be ordered via the app. The process is quick, innovative and completed in less than 3 minutes. Also the pay up to this point is unique on the mobile communications market. This is not done by invoice or top-up card, but via Paypal.

Now we come to the price. This is a full € 0.99 per day! Payment is made daily, which means that your PayPal account is debited with € 0.99 every day. In a month with 30 days, the unlimited flat rate costs just € 29.70.

The tariff also has more advantages, but also some disadvantages. We have tested freenet FUNK from order to use and you can find the result here: "freenet FUNK in check".

Telekom StreamOn tariff option as an alternative

Not entirely without throttling, but with unlimited streaming, the new Telekom MagentaMobil tariffs come with StreamOn tariff option.

With this StreamOn option, you can stream unlimitedly with various media partners such as YouTube, Netflix, Napster, Apple Music or JUKE, and that without burdening your data volume.

StreamOn is available free of charge to private customers at Telekom. More information about the tariff option can be found in the article on Telekom StreamOn.

Cell phone discounters do not offer unlimited tariffs

If you were expecting even more tariffs, then I will unfortunately have to disappoint you. Currently, the only cell phone tariffs without throttling come from o2, Vodafone and Telekom.

As soon as there are new providers or mobile phone tariffs without throttling or with unlimited data volume, I will of course update this article here and keep you up to date.

Below you will find some interesting information and facts worth knowing about cell phone tariffs with unlimited internet, throttling, etc.

General information about throttling & unlimited mobile phone tariffs

What does “reduced speed” actually mean?

You've probably stumbled into the data throttle before. This means that you have exceeded your data volume and can only continue surfing at a reduced or reduced speed until the end of the month.

As a rule, after the contractually stipulated "high-speed data volume" has been used up, the speed is reduced to GPRS. Then you surf with 64 kBit / s or with some providers even only 32 kBit / s or 16 kBit / s.

So mobile surfing is really no longer fun. That may be enough for a few WhatsApp text messages or plain text e-mails, but as soon as you load a website or look at pictures and videos, surfing with throttled bandwidth becomes a test of patience. To prevent such a thing, more and more smartphone users are looking for cell phone tariffs without throttling or cell phone tariffs with unlimited data volume - you may have already seen some tariffs above.

Why is there a reduction in the Internet flat rate for cell phone tariffs?

But why are the wireless service providers actually throttling the mobile data connection? Wouldn't it be much more customer-friendly if every smartphone user could surf as much as he wanted? Just like the one we know from landline connections?

Yes, that would be really great - but it hasn't really caught on in Germany yet. In many other countries such as Holland, England or Finland, however, this is already quite common, and AT&T in America also offers mobile phone tariffs with almost no throttling.

Why doesn't that work in Germany? The good money is behind it, because the throttling makes mobile communications companies more money - for example with SpeedOn packages or automatic data.

But the technical infrastructure also plays an important role in cell phone tariffs without throttling:

When your smartphone connects to a radio mast, you share the mobile internet connection with all other devices that are logged into this cell. The more data volume they all consume together, the higher the load on the cell tower and, as a consequence, your mobile internet connection becomes slower. If everyone had unlimited data, the internet would become slower for everyone. Because very few users would be restricted and would surf significantly more and download larger amounts of data via the mobile Internet.

Therefore, the throttling of Internet flats not only has a financial, but also a technical and somehow educational background. The smartphone users should be educated to be more careful with data volumes in order not to overload the network and the mobile data connection.

Fortunately, the network operators have now started to offer tariffs without throttling. In my opinion, this development is definitely to be welcomed.

For whom is a tariff without throttling worthwhile?

A clear answer: a mobile phone contract without throttling is worthwhile for anyone who surfs a lot and cannot get by with the highest volume of data.

Assuming you have a mobile phone contract with 10 GB of data volume and you often end up using the data limit and continue to surf throttled - then a mobile phone tariff without throttling or an offer like the o2 Free with throttling to 1 Mbit / s bandwidth is worthwhile.

Even if you exchange large amounts of data professionally or privately and, for example, share your data connection via tethering with your notebook or computer, a mobile phone contract with unlimited data volume makes sense.

If, on the other hand, you get along well with your specified data volume and do not have to restrict yourself, then it would be nonsense to order a mobile phone tariff without throttling. If in doubt, you then pay more money and do not need this service at all.

Your opinion is asked: Are cell phone contracts worthwhile without throttling?

But now I'm interested in what you say on the subject: Are cell phone contracts with unlimited data volume worthwhile or is that nonsense? Are you maybe even looking for such an offer or do you already have a cell phone tariff without throttling? Then leave a comment with your opinion right away!

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