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Does Bill Gates prefer iOS or Android?

You may recall the infamous reaction of former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to the late Steve Jobs' introduction of the first generation Apple iPhone on January 7, 2007. At the time, Microsoft had a successful operating system in Windows Mobile. When asked about Apple's new touchscreen phone, Ballmer laughed and called it "the most expensive phone in the world". He also said it wouldn't appeal to business customers because "it doesn't have a keyboard, which doesn't make it a very good email machine." Well we know who got the last laugh.

Bill Gates occasionally messes around with an iPhone, but usually has an Android phone with him

Noting that many of his friends use an iPhone, Gates said that "some of the Android manufacturers preinstall Microsoft software in a way that makes it easier for me and they are more flexible about how the software is connected through the operating system," Explain how he favored Android. The billionaire was also asked about social media and found that in addition to his official Twitter account, he has a "burner" account that he plays around with.

If you're an Android user and upset about the lack of an Android version of the app, there is some good news. Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison was also part of the interview with Bill Gates and discussed the importance of adding an Android version of Clubhouse due to the global dominance of the Android platform worldwide. Davison said that when asked what new feature Clubhouse would like to add to Clubhouse, they respond to the "Android" question.

Gates said that he had only been hearing more and more about Clubhouse in the past few weeks and that the topic of a room called "Steve Jobs Stories" had come up and Davison of Clubhouse called it an "amazing room" that was filled with many of the original Apple - and Mac engineers. But we digress.

Other topics were discussed, including Bitcoin and the climate. Researching climate change, Gates said that "Bitcoin uses more electricity per transaction than any other payment method known to man." He calls himself a "Bitcoin skeptic" and says that he has never invested in this sector. "I buy malaria vaccines, I buy measles vaccines, I invest in companies that make products," Gates said. "When other people find their happiness like this, I applaud them."

An interesting question was asked, "Is Bill Gates a gamer?" Now it might be a stereotype to believe that Gates was / is a nerd and that nerds play video games. As a result, you'll be surprised to hear that the man who co-founded a software company that makes games (among other titles, of course) is not a gamer. "I play bridge," said Gates, "which by some definition is a game."

You can listen to the entire interview by tapping the YouTube video that accompanies this story.