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Visit the Red Fort in New Delhi with your E Visa India

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Arcade in the Red Fort New Delhi


Now you have your e Visa India and you're good to go. For most tourists, New Delhi serves only as a short stopover to the Taj Mahal or the holy city of Varanasi in the southeast. The capital of India, however, offers a lot more than meets the eye. In recent years, numerous top restaurants have opened their doors here and luxury hotels are also starting to settle here. The world-famous city specialties are not to be missed, but you also have to experience the cultural atmosphere of the old town for yourself.

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There is a lot to see in New Delhi

The age of the city is shown by the large number of monuments and museums built, which are supposed to tell the story of New Delhi. The religious and ethnic diversity is confirmed by the large number of different spiritual sites. In the city you will find old and new Christian cathedrals, historical Hindu temples and in the center is the Jama Masjid, a mosque made of red sandstone, built in the 17th century. Right next to it is the mighty Red Fort, a fortress and palace complex built during the Mughal Empire. The name “Red Fort” is based on the special red color of the sandstone, which was used for the walls of the building. The fort was built from 1639 to 1648 for the then emperor Shah Jahan. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.

A brief history of New Delhi

New Delhi Street

Delhi has been ruled by some of the most powerful rulers in history, so it provides an interesting historical backdrop. According to various old texts, the city was still called Indraprastha at that time, where the so-called Pandavas lived. In addition to Indraprastha, the eight cities Dinpanah, Ferozabad, Jahanpanah, Lal Kot, Quila Rai Pithora, Siri, Shahjahanabad and Tughlakabad emerged. In 1192 the city of Rajput was conquered by Afghan warriors under the rule of Muhammad of Ghori and the Sultanate of Delhi was founded. In 1398 the Timur invasion put an end to the sultanate.

The last sultans of Delhi were ousted by Babur and after the Battle of Panipat in 1526 the Mughal Empire was established. After the walls of Delhi were built in 1638, the ancient Mughal emperors used Delhi as their headquarters. The rulers of the city changed again and again in the course of history through bloody battles and murders. In 1803 the city came under British rule for the first time. The British colonial nation moved its capital from Calcutta to Delhi in 1911. Since then, the city has been the center of all government activities on the Indian continent. When India's independence was declared in 1947, New Delhi received the official title of the capital of India for the first time.

Arrival from Germany to New Delhi

There are extremely convenient direct flights to New Delhi from Frankfurt am Main and Munich. From Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Berlin it is usually cheapest to fly to Munich and from there to New Delhi without interruption. You should expect a flight time of a little less than eight hours from Frankfurt am Main. You then fly back to Germany for a little over eight hours. In the following we list an approximate guide price for a flight from Frankfurt am Main and Munich to New Delhi in July.

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Flight from Frankfurt to New Delhi

In the Economy class fly to your destination for as little as € 570.

If you are in the Premium Economy Class want to enjoy more legroom, better food and more baggage allowance, you have to reckon with 1,900 €.

The Business class flies direct to India for only € 1,950. We would forego Premium Economy and still fly Business Class straight away.

In the First class you have to accept either a stopover in Muscat or Dubai. The flight costs just over € 4,000.


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Flight from Munich to New Delhi

  • The Economy class flies directly with Lufthansa for only € 570. From Munich you can even make the flight there in 7 ½ hours and straight back in 8 hours.
  • In the Premium Economy Class you are on the same plane for € 2,000.
  • For the Business class pay € 3,900 on the same plane. So the price ratios are right here.
  • The First class flies again with a stopover via Dubai or Kuwait but here for 3,600 €.
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The lounges in the airports on the way to New Delhi

    • Frankfurt am Main:
      • Lufthansa Lounge: For business and first class passengers there is a free lounge with all the amenities from Lufthansa and Emirates.
      • VIP Lounge: Everyone else can book the VIP lounges for over 300 € and get a lot of luxury too. There are also a few lounges for other airlines and regular customer programs. Any other passenger who pays an entrance fee can also enter there.
      • Priority Lounge: Admission € 49 for 3 hours or free for Business and First Class and various members of customer programs such as Diners Club.
      • LuxxLounge: Admission € 30 for 3 hours or various regular customer programs, as above.
      • SKY Lounge: Admission 39 € for 3 hours or a member of one of the participating customer clubs, such as American Express.
      • Primeclass Lounge: Entry € 30 for 3 hours.

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  • VIP Wing: For everyone for whom an exclusive service is worth more than € 300.


      • Airport Lounge World: Entry 49 € for 2 hours or customer in one of the participating clubs or airlines.
      • Emirates Lounge: Free of charge for airline passengers with Business Class or First Class tickets and some frequent flyer programs.
      • Airport Lounge Europe: Entry € 38.20 or customer in a participating bonus program or an eligible airline.
      • Lufthansa Lounge: with separate areas for each flight class except economy class.



      • Plaza Premium Lounge: Entry € 20 for everyone.



      • Emirates Lounge: Only first class passengers have a stopover here. They use this lounge free of charge.



      • Primeclass Lounge: for first class free of charge otherwise 50 €.



    • Kuwait Airways Bayan Premium Lounge: Free of charge for first class passengers on Kuwait Airways.


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The India Visa & Good Accommodation at Reasonable Prices in New Delhi

For our report on the city, we've done a thorough research and picked out the best New Delhi accommodations. In return, we kept an adult in town for a week in July. We have selected two first-class 5-star hotels, two hotels in the middle price range and also two cheap but cozy hotels. Please note that the prices may vary slightly depending on the stay.

E Visa India

Taj Palace

The Taj Palace Hotel New Delhi

The Taj Palace in New Delhi is by far the best pick if price is not an issue. With a room rate of € 1,287 per week, this grandiose hotel offers an unforgettable stay in the city. On a 2.4 hectare area, the Taj Palace offers you a beautiful garden, a large outdoor pool and a breathtaking panoramic view of New Delhi. The breakfast in the hotel is extremely diverse and of phenomenal quality. A fitness center, conference rooms and golf courses are also available in the hotel and in the surrounding area. The rooms are fully air-conditioned and have a minibar and a kettle, while the bathroom has its own shower and bathtub and a hairdryer. There is also free WiFi and a private parking space.

E Visa India

Aloft New Delhi Aerocity

Aloft Hotel aero city

The luxurious counterpart to the Taj Palace is the Aloft New Delhi Aerocity. At a similar price of € 998 for seven days, this hotel is a marvel of modern architecture. In addition to fast and free WiFi, the rooms have their own seating area, desk and flat-screen TV. Some rooms also have their own bathroom and a view of the pool. The breakfast offer in the hotel enjoys only positive reviews. Vegetarian and lactose-free options are also available. Here, too, use of the outdoor pool and private parking is included in the price. The location of this hotel is also excellent. The international airport is only 2 km away and various sights such as the observatory and the Arc de Triomphe are only 12 km away.

E Visa India

Palace Heights Hotel

Palace Heights Hotel

The excellent 3-star Palace Heights Hotel offers you probably the best value for money in New Delhi, at just € 557 for a week. In addition to an excellent location 600 meters from the most popular restaurants at Connaught Place, you can also visit the hotel's Zaffran restaurant. The best North Indian dishes are served here from lunchtime to evening. There are even coffee and tea facilities in the room for personal use, as well as a mini bar. There is also free WiFi, a flat-screen TV and a DVD player. The rooms are air-conditioned and also have a private bathroom with a hairdryer.

E Visa India

bloomrooms @ Janpath

Another excellent mid-range selection is bloomrooms @ Janpath. There are air-conditioned rooms with their own desk and bathroom, as well as a flat screen TV. In the morning you can try the delicious breakfast buffet, for lunch and dinner good restaurants are not far from the hotel. The hotel staff is also available 24/7. From this hotel you can expect offers such as free Wi-Fi, its own parking lot but also a cheap airport transfer. For seven nights you pay only € 537 at bloomrooms @ Janpath, breakfast is included in the price.

E Visa India

The Prime Balaji Deluxe

Located just 100 meters from New Delhi Central Station, this hotel is a cheap alternative to the city's expensive luxury hotels. Sleeping right next to the train station may not seem very inviting, but it has its advantages. This gives you high mobility around the city, and a free airport pick-up service is even offered. The rooms themselves are air-conditioned and have their own seating area and a TV, a refrigerator and a bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. For only € 258 a week you can also enjoy the included breakfast here. Lunch and dinner are also served here.

E Visa India

Hotel Apra International

The affordable Hotel Apra International is just minutes from the Central Ridge Reserve Forest. It is also just 500 meters from the Karol Bagh shopping market. Here you will find a business center, as well as a restaurant with buffet and vegetarian main courses. Breakfast is already included at a weekly price of just € 287. Free WiFi is also available in the entire hotel area. The rooms are air-conditioned and have beautiful dark wooden furniture. They contain a flat screen TV and coffee and tea facilities, as well as a desk and a minibar. There is also a private bathroom with a shower.


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Sightseeing (vacation)

Anyone who comes to New Delhi on vacation must definitely visit the Red Fort. With an awe-inspiring appearance of the red sandstone walls, this palace traces a very special history of Delhi. It was not for nothing that it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But that's not all New Delhi has to offer in terms of sights. Here we have listed some of the most interesting places to visit while on vacation in this city.


  • Connaught Place is the city's cultural center.

    India Gate

  • The Jantar Mantar is the observatory in New Delhi at Connaught Place.
  • A little southeast of Connaught Place is Agrasen Ki Baoli, a stepwell and architectural monument from the 14th to 15th centuries.
  • The National Museum of New Delhi is just south of Connaught Place.
  • India Gate is a 1921 war memorial east of the National Museum.
  • The Rashtrapati Bhavan is the home of the Indian President and is located west of the National Museum.
  • The Sansad Bhavan is the city's parliament building, north of the President's House.


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Delicious food in New Delhi

As in every capital in the world, there are hundreds of restaurants in New Delhi with all the cuisines of the world. In the following we recommend two upscale kitchens, two from the middle price category and two restaurants with good but very cheap food. Of course, there are many, many more opportunities to enjoy excellent food in New Delhi. This is just a subjective, very selective choice. If you don't want to look for something yourself, you are very well advised to go to any of the restaurants below.

Spring restaurant

This exclusive eatery can be found in the Radisson Blu New Delhi Dwarka Hotel. Asian, Indian and international dishes of the highest quality are served there. Both vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes are available. But there is also a buffet for breakfast and lunch here. There is even pizza. The price range of the main courses is quite on a western level. So that means over € 20 per meal.

E Visa India

Neung Roi

There is also a very good restaurant in the airport in the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, namely the Neung Roi. Asian and Thai are cooked here. The price range is between € 23 and € 28. Here you can eat everything you know from the local Chinese. However, everything is beautifully presented and of the best quality. The food here is absolutely world-class. This is also reflected in the hundreds of top ratings on the Internet.

E Visa India

Viva - All Day Dining

If the previous restaurants were too expensive for you for India, you can still stay at the airport. There you will find the Viva - All Day Dining in the Holiday Inn Hotel. For 7 € to 17 € you can eat here from the buffet or typical Indian platters. But there is also steak, leg of lamb or pizza and wok here. The excellent dishes constantly receive top ratings from guests.

E Visa India

Juniper Bar at the Hyatt Hotel

This hotel and therefore the bar can also be found in the Aerocity at the airport. Of course, there is not only wonderful gin and cocktails here. The food is also impressive in the bar. The prices of 10 € to 23 € for a main meal are moderate. But the quality of the food is very good. Therefore, this kitchen can also be adorned with many good reviews on the Internet.

E Visa India

Kitchen With A Cause

This is a nice little and very well-kept restaurant in the Hotel Good Palace. It is cooked Indian, international and Asian. The dishes are extremely cheap with prices under € 7 and still very good. This restaurant also has hundreds of top ratings in various online platforms. If you want cheap and good food, this is the place for you.

E Visa India

Krishna Roof Top Cafe

This little rooftop coffee house with a sensational view of New Delhi has very good food too. Even if not all the reviews of the dishes are great, they always cost less than € 10. There is mainly Indian and Asian food, but also breakfast and brunch. Given the prices and the great view, the dishes don't necessarily have to come from a top chef. This eatery offers an unbeatable overall experience. You should see this. The ambience is mega Indian, so to speak.


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A successful trip to New Delhi

As already mentioned at the beginning, for many the capital is only the gateway to India. Many tourists are just passing through here. But that's a shame.Because New Delhi and its red fort are definitely worth a few days. Take the time to arrive here in India after a convenient direct flight to New Delhi. This city is a great start to the Indian world. This is not just about the history that you can experience while visiting the red fort. The people, culture, religion and the entire way of life in India is so different to Germany. Some have wondered if they are still on the same planet. But that is exactly what you should definitely experience in New Delhi and the Red Fort!









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