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Computer graphics
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The Computer graphics on the one hand uses the means of computer science to create and expand images (computer generated images) and animations.

A feature's level of detail is shown in Computer graphicsen usually reduced with distance from the viewer or according to some other formula based on the importance, speed of perception or position of the object.

This structure is mainly used to organize two-dimensional data in the field of Computer graphics used. The root of the tree represents a square area.

The processes of algorithmic geometry are used in Computer Aided Design, in which ~ and applied to geographic information systems. Robotics was added as the most recent field of application, especially in the planning of motion sequences for robotic systems.
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Reduction and topological preparation of polygon meshes: data reduction at ~projects in use
Published by AV Akademikerverlag
ISBN: 9783639398434 ...

In media technology, one deals with the creation and processing of media, such as digital photos, ~s, computer animations, 3D models, texts, audio and video sequences and their embedding in information technology applications or their preparation for printing.

Current scientific developments of the ~ are also highly relevant for the further development of GIS, e.g.
- Scientific visualization and information visualization
- computer animation
- Virtual and augmented reality, generally virtual environments ...

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