How do I search Netflix by rating

Netflix: New search tool shows worldwide program

The dream of all series junkies and film lovers: the worldwide Netflix offer at a glance. The web search now makes it possible!

Netflix is ​​not just Netflix: The streaming service has been available in almost 200 countries since the beginning of 2016 - each with a different, barely transparent range of films and series. A new, powerful search engine now provides a better perspective. This allows users to filter the offer as they wish and even find out what's going on on Netflix in other countries. The tool does not officially come from the streaming provider itself, but is available on the web at COMPUTER BILD reveals how the search works - and what you need to consider.

How to use the extensive Netflix search

Simple but powerful: the Netzflix search via uNoGS.

When you call it up in the browser, the English-language site uNoGS (“unofficial Netflix online Global Search”) welcomes you with a search field. There you can search specifically for a film or series or browse through the gigantic Netflix offers using various filter settings - for example by rating, year of release, genre and language. If you click on an entry in the hit list, you will get further information and below it a list of countries in which the film or series can be accessed via Netflix. If Germany is there, you can click on Watch Now and start watching immediately after logging into your Netflix account.

Netflix: The streaming service can do that

Not in the program in Germany: What now?

No longer a secret, uNoGS also reveals that many great films or series cannot be accessed via German Netflix. Many users make do with a VPN data tunnel that disguises the origin of the user and thus also makes foreign content available. But that's a thorn in the side of Netflix. In the general terms and conditions, the company even prohibits the use of VPN and (similarly working) proxy servers. For example, Netflix recently announced that it would use technical hurdles to counteract the popular country hopping - and even block the first users because of it. So far, only customers in Australia have been affected; in Germany, VPN and proxy use have so far had no consequences.

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