What do you use SQL software for?

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Everywhere where big Amount of data in Networks a powerful database is required. If multi-user capability and high performance are required, this is often done by SQL server realized. This is software that provides a service for storing, editing and retrieving Different types of data sets offers.

A few details about SQL servers

What all SQL servers have in common is that they are relational database systems use. The contents to be saved are stored in tables for a specific purpose. The aim is to have as little data as possible redundant are stored. Rather, these are provided with classification criteria and linked to one another, i.e. set in relation.

This offers advantages in terms of processing speed and keeps the database lean. In a Customer database For example, the contact details could be managed in a table. The orders, on the other hand, would be managed in a separate table and only with the Code number provided by the customer. In the same way it could be a table for Invoices and reminders give. For new entries only the necessary values in the corresponding table.

All SQL servers can be addressed using the named Structured Query Language (SQL). Using the appropriate syntax, data records can be created, changed, deleted and queried.

A simple command to Saving a data set reads:

INSERT INTO addresses (customer no., Last name, first name, street, zip code, city) VALUES (1, "Mustermann", "Max", "Hauptstrasse 1" "12345", "Musterstadt").

This saves the values ​​from the second bracket in the columns of the "Addresses" table. The names of the columns result from the first bracket.

The stored data can be of different types. Important Data types are INTEGER (Integers), FLOAT (Floating point number), CHAR (Strings), BOOLEAN (boolean truth values) and BLOB (Binary values, also embedded files such as images are possible). In detail, the data types at different providers differ from SQL servers.

The main providers of SQL servers

There are several developers for SQL Server. Below are commercial but also free Providers. The main providers are the following:


The oldest commercial system is the SQL server from Oracle. The first version appeared in 1979. To this day, the software further developed. Depending on the type and scope of the assignment not inconsiderable license costs due. It is one of the most popular SQL servers and is the basis for many commercial software products.

–Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft's SQL server is that second commercial systemwhich to the Market leaders counts. It was first published in 1989 and co-developed by Sybase. It initially belonged to the OS / 2 operating system and was later ported to Windows NT. Also for the use of this system are License costs to be paid. What is remarkable about Microsoft's SQL Server is a large number special data types. For example, the data types “smallmoney” and “smalldatetime” are defined.

–MySQL / MariaDB

The most popular open source product is the MySQL server. This is free of charge for all common operating systems available. In addition, a paid enterprise package is offered in which it additional support services gives. MySQL was first presented in 1995. First was the Company "MySQL AB" Developer. The company was later bought by the Sun company. MySQL is now part of the Oracle company. MySQL has one high distribution in the field of web servers. It is contained in the repositories of the major Linux distributions. Therefore, these can be used with small effort can be used for the use of a MySQL server.

Shortly after the takeover of MySQL by Oracle, the MariaDB project split off as a fork in 2009. Was responsible for this Michael Widenius, the former lead developer of MySQL. Some Linux distributions now use the default on MariaDB. Including Fedora, CentOS and openSUSE.

Other SQL variants


Another open source alternative is the PosgreSQL server. This was released in 1996 and is supported by a community of developers known as the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, groomed. A special feature is that it uses an object-relational database. This not only allows fields to be set in relation, but also Sets of recordsthat have been grouped as objects. Therefore, the principle of inheritance from object-oriented programming can be applied under PostgreSQL.

-SQL Anywhere

That too commercial SQL Anywhere belongs to the resident in Germany Company SAP. This took over the original developer Sybase in 2010 and continues to develop the product. It is noteworthy that Sybase is already available for the Basis of the Microsoft SQL server was responsible.

Application areas for SQL servers

In addition to the already mentioned use in the area of Web applications, often use complex Applications in the corporate environmentSQL server. One example is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software products. It is not entirely by chance that some of their developers have already been listed Manufacturer from SQL servers such as Oracle, Microsoft and SAP.

SQL servers are also used for software in the field of custom relationship management (CRM). This is also about the Capture and link many records, in this case for customer service.

Due to the special position of an SQL server in systems, it is often operated on a dedicated server. Virtualization can be a suitable solution here, as it has a high level of reliability and in particular Scalability guaranteed. Many virtual server hosters offer short term Resource adaptability. This can flexible on Load peaks responded.

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