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Prank Your Parents - The Best Pranks!

Are your parents annoying? Then annoy them back! We collected a few pranks for it! πŸ˜„ Are you looking for more inspiration? Then take a look at our list of the funniest series! There are a lot of funny characters from which you can take a joke or two.

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Annoying pranks for your parents

You're up for yours Fucking mum or your dad? πŸ™Š No problem! Try one of our funny ones Prank ideas for parentsthat will definitely piss you off:

  • Be mega strange: talk to your parents in front of your parents, for example imaginary friends. Sooo spooky ...
  • Wrong world: pull yours as a parent's prank Things the wrong way around. Isn't it totally normal ?! :-D
  • The monkeys are on the loose! Imitate your parents in every situation - as a monkey. This cool prank will get on your nerves safe after the third time.
  • Watch a movie on a cozy TV evening 1,000 questions. But everything is explained in a way too complicated. . .
  • For this prank, speak to your parents with their parents instead of mom and dad First name or with a nickname to whom you can not stand.
  • Got up! Put several Alarm clockringing the doorbell in the middle of the night and hiding them in their parents' bedroom. Prank Tip: Better Avoid Them In The Morning!
  • Darn it! All of a sudden you can only be like a ass talk. Iiiaaahhh!
  • Be annoying like SpongeBob & Co.! Act like your favorite character on a show for a day and flaunt your parents about it.
  • Answer to the ask your parents always with the previous question!
  • Keep saying: "I'll be ready in five minutes!" and then take your time when they are waiting for you!
  • Teaching prank for your parents: If they say "shit", you answer with: "Man, you don't say that!"
  • In an awkward situation, tell your parents that you need to go to the bathroom. When you've found one together, you suddenly think: "Oops, false positive!"
  • Time for a song prank to your parents! Answer by singing along annoying lyrics (preferably as crooked as possible :-D). You will have this catchy tune in your head for a long time.
  • Ask every 30 seconds while driving a car:"Maaamaaa, Paaapaaa, how far is it now ?!"
  • Memory Loss Prank: Pretend you can suddenly contact yourself NOTHING - really NOTHING! - remember more: What's your name again? And who are the people around you ?! Aaah!
  • Huh ?! What did you say? Pretend you can bad hear, and ask 1,000 times what the person just said. Repeating yourself over and over again really annoys everyone.
  • Be that one Shadow of your parents: Follow them at every turn and just never let them out of your sight.
  • Really nasty parent-prank: knock on mom and dad's door at night and yell out loudHelp!
  • Moo like one cowas soon as they call your name. The prank on your parents becomes even more fun if you imitate a different animal each time.
  • Keep repeating the last word in a sentenceYour parents say in your direction before you react to what is being said.
  • When your parents are counting or doing arithmetic, shout out loud any numbers between!

Six mega pranks for your parents

Here are a few more elaborate ideas for your To paw parents. And don't forget: Always shoot with us, then you can always fool her with it afterwards

  1. Fake stain:Just a little Splot nail polish onto a piece of cling film and let it dry well. Then cut it out and place it on Papa's iPad or keyboard. He'll freak out at this parent's prank!
  2. Cool prank in the toilet: Pack a little Bath foam in the toilet and wait secretly until the next person goes to the bathroom. Once the one is washing up, the foam party really goes off.
  3. Colorful milk: Drizzle the food coloring into the milk carton. With this prank for your parents, mom and dad experience their blue (or green, yellow, pink ...) miracle while eating muesli or drinking coffee.
  4. Rainbow shower: Turn off the shower head, Easter egg coloring tablet in the tube give, then twist back together. When mom takes a shower, it gets colorful! πŸ˜…
  5. Take a soap dispenser and fill it with something gross, like ketchup or mustard. Beware: Your parents will definitely not celebrate the prank half as much as you! 😁
  6. And speaking of ketchup and mustard bottles: unscrew the opening and tape it shut. The next time you use it, you can calmly watch your parents shake it!

As soon as you with everyone Parent Pranks through, you can still join our best Pranks for friends get inspired. The cool prank ideas are sure to work at home too!


Funny phrases as parent pranks

Mom or Dad are annoying again? With these sentences and cool pranks to your parents, you're guaranteed to drive them crazy! 😎

  • I invited the whole grade to my birthday party on the weekend. I hope that's okay!
  • Help! what are we going to do now? Got a cell phone bill of 400 euros! You urgently need to bail me out financially ...
  • Yesterday I got the idea to go for a spin on your new bike, Dad ... Sorry, it went wrong!
  • The police will show up here the days. I've got a charge on my neck for causing public nuisance. I thought, sex in the park is okay ...
  • I warn you before: I'll shave my bald head tomorrow. Lost a bet :)
  • Oh no! I broke the neighbors' window while playing ball ...
  • I bought a tarantula today. Don't worry, I'll take care of the cute little animal myself ...
  • I have to confess something to you: I fell madly in love with my teacher. We're together now ...
  • Dad, was the document entitled β€œPresentation” really important? Somehow I accidentally deleted that ...
  • I promised to take care of a classmate's pet. Nobody here is allergic to horses, right?
  • My teacher thinks I am above average intelligent. She would like to send me to a school for the gifted in the USA. That is why the days will contact you.
  • I'll have a chiller year after school. Isn't it okay that I still live here and you support me financially, isn't it?
  • I have great news: you are going to be grandparents !!!
  • Did you know that stripping is an official profession? You can even do an apprenticeship there! I already informed me ...
  • Totally cool: A guy from RTL2 asked me if mom wanted to take part in "Frauentausch"! Wasn't it okay that I accepted, wasn't it? Haha, fucked up!
  • I colored the pet. Blue is just totally in!

And even more pranks for your parents, friends and CO.

By the way: If the first of April or Halloween is just around the corner and you still don't know how to paw your parents and poke fun at your friends? There are fun last-minute April fools and the funniest Halloween pranks! You're welcome! 😁