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Handwriting test: what does it reveal about your personality?

Show me how you write and I'll tell you who you are! From the Handwriting of a person, experts can deduce a great deal about personality. Determined behavior or rather cautious restraint? Lazy or motivated manager or just employee? Such conclusions are actually drawn from the handwriting. For the evaluations, many different aspects of the script are analyzed and compared with others. The question arises: What does your writing reveal about your personality - and does the result match your own perception? We have a little one Handwriting test created for you and explain what can be read between the lines of the peculiarities of your writing ...

What is a handwriting test used for?

For your birthday you received lots of nice cards, but you didn't have the opportunity to read all the lovely words. If you go through it again the next day, you probably don't even need to look at the signatures under a lot of text to know exactly who wrote the card. Handwriting is individual, a business card even without a signature.

Especially with people who are close to you and whom you know very well, it is not a problem to get them through the Identify handwriting. The uniqueness of handwriting is also used in the field of criminology in order to be able to assign a letter to a specific person.

But handwriting should be able to do even more: Graphologists assume that there are many Personality traits of the writer express. The idea behind this is that the character of a person, such as gestures, postures or facial expressions, also affects the way they write. Handwriting as body language put on paper.

The Analysis of US presidents based on the signature on official documents. Above all, the very narrow, pointed font from the current incumbent Donald Trump is often seen as the complete opposite of that of his predecessor Barack Obama, whose signature is more peppy. Two very different manuscripts, two very different personalities and heads of government.

Handwriting test: graphology is quite controversial

However, there are many critics who view a handwriting test and graphology with great suspicion when it comes to drawing conclusions about the personality of the writer. A common argument of these critics is the so-called Barnum effect, which states that people tend to interpret analyzes and statements about themselves as true.

This effect was proven by an experiment by American psychologist Betram R. Forer. He told his students that they would take a personality test. Shortly afterwards, each student received an evaluation and was asked to rate how accurate this assessment of their own personality is on a scale from 1 to 5. The average result of all students in the end was 4.26 out of 5 points - an overwhelming agreement that the analysis hit their own personality very well.

The highlight of the matter: Neither the personality test nor the evaluation was real. In fact, ALL students received an identical text as a result, which Forer put together from some horoscopes itself (see also Barnum Effect). The analysis of a handwriting test could also be based on this principle.

Handwriting test: what does your handwriting say about your personality?

Whether you are critical of a handwriting test or not: it is definitely exciting analyze your own writing and find out what graphology might conclude from it. And now that you know that you tend to agree with the evaluation, you can reflect all the better about whether the result really suits you.

The handwriting test is as simple as that: Take one Pen and a blank sheet of paper. Write down a few sentences in your normal handwriting. Don't try to be particularly beautiful, clear, or different from what you normally would. Just make sure to use as many different letters and words as possible in the sentences in order to get a complete typeface.

If you can't think of anything spontaneously, try describing yourself in the sense of My name is…, I work as…, In my spare time I do…

Now you can begin to analyze your handwriting more closely - simply answer the following questions as objective and truthful as possible. To help you remember your answers, you can write down the corresponding letters. After you have answered all the questions, you will come to the resolution in PDF form. Have fun!

  • How big is your handwriting?

    • The font is larger than average (A)
    • The font is normal size (B)
    • The font is comparatively small (C)
  • How far do your letters stick out of words (letters like h, t, l, and d)?

    • Very far (A)
    • A small piece (B)
    • As good as not at all (C)
  • How far do your letters stick out of words (letters like j, q, p, and g)?

    • Very far (A)
    • A small piece (B)
    • As good as not at all (C)
  • How big are the spaces between letters and words?

    • Large spaces, wide typeface (A)
    • Normal spacing (B)
    • Small spaces, tight typeface (C)
  • How is your writing inclined?

    • Letters are slanted to the left (A)
    • Letters are very straight (B)
    • Letters are slanted to the right (C)
  • What do the letters "m" and "n" look like?

    • Curved at the top and closed (A)
    • Open at the top - an "n" looks like a "u" (B)
    • Angled and jagged (C)
    • Like a thin, horizontal line without any clear elevations, depressions or arcs (D)

Have you completed the handwriting test and answered all of the questions? Then come here to PDF with the explanations. Does the analysis agree with your own assessment?

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