How does a CDN affect SEO

Content Delivery Network: SEO advantages at a glance

The keyword SEO is often used in connection with content delivery networks. Because there is a clear advantage that results for search engine optimization: A CDN improves it Loading speed one side clearly. And that is a valuable gain: According to a study, the satisfaction of a user decreases by a full 16 percent per second of loading time. Long loading times therefore mean dissatisfied - and in the worst case, none at all - visitors. Of course you want to prevent that.

The loading time of a website is extremely important for SEO success, because it influences many different parameters, such as the bounce rate Bounce rate. If a page does not load or only loads very slowly, many users leave the website quickly. The bounce rate is increasing, which is a negative sign for Google. Even if the bounce rate is not an official ranking factor, it flows into the evaluation together with other key figures such as the proportion of returning visitors or the type of website.

In addition to the bounce rate, this problem also has a negative impact on the length of stay and the conversion rate - in short, on the entire user experience. And to enable the ideal user experience is the goal of Google's meanwhile over 100 different ranking factors.

But be careful: Even if a CDN improves PageSpeed, it is not a cure for mistakes that have already been made in terms of performance. These include B. Resources that are preventing rendering. This is often the case with JavaScript code or CSS files. Such errors are revealed by tools like Google's PageSpeed ​​Insights. Read more about optimizing loading speeds by compressing CSS here.