What is Divorce Allowance

Children need contact with both parents for healthy development

What is visiting escort?

Visiting accompaniment is an offer to parents who, after a separation / divorce, would like support in arranging or handling the visiting contact.

Why attendance?

I support the parents in handling the visiting contacts in order to shape the future in the best possible way for the benefit of their common child.

A separation is a great psychological burden for everyone involved, especially for the child. The family will no longer exist in this form. Mother and father carry the child. If a parent breaks away, it is an enormous psychological burden for the child.

In the event of divorce or separation, the relationship between the parents is strained. In general, if there are still open conflicts in the foreground, the parents often fail to maintain the relationship together at the parent level for the best interests of the child or to bring about constructive solutions.

I keep seeing that. Often one parent expects the child to have to choose you. It's impossible! A child loves both parents and shouldn't have to choose.

A relationship is based on two components, the couple and the parent level. It is important to remember that the couple relationship is separated and the Parental relationship should be maintainedThis is very difficult with controversial couples, but it gives the child security and trust, if the family is no longer there, at least the broken parent remains present in life.

The family must be maintained for the good of the child. Couples can often find that difficult to separate.

This is where the visitor escort comes in. My client is the child. Everything happens only for the benefit of the child.

The goal: to accompany the separated family until the parents can coordinate and organize the visits on their own - for the benefit of their child.

Procedure for accompanying visitors

You can book me yourself or be assigned by a public agency - youth welfare, court. Separate initial interviews take place with each parent. This is where the framework and goals are set.

What is the goal?

  • Accompany your child safely.
  • I am a neutral contact person for both parents.
  • I accompany and support you as parents to find a common way so that your child can cope more easily with the changed living conditions.
  • But you too have to create new structures in your new life.
  • Remember, the family constellation will no longer exist in the form in which you have lived together up to now. And the new is not yet consolidated. I accompany and support you as a separated family to remain parents together.