The Herbalife drink suppresses the appetite

Stop appetite 20 foods that curb hunger

If you want to eat healthily or lose weight, you should pay close attention to where the calories and nutrients that are consumed come from. The reason: Some foods fill you up faster than others and can stop the appetite, while some really fuel the desire to eat. These 20 foods are good hunger pens.

Stop your appetite with almonds and avocados

  1. Almonds are an excellent source of essential nutrients. Just a handful provides you with plenty of antioxidants, vitamin E and magnesium and gives you a feeling of fullness that will stop your appetite so that you can delay your next meal and get by with smaller servings. Recommended for daily enjoyment!
  2. Avocados contain plenty of fiber and monounsaturated fats, which are good for the heart. In addition, the healthy fats signal your body early on that you are full.
  3. A little salad Before you eat, not only does it provide you with healthy green raw food, it also tricked your greedy brain. Since it takes the body 20 minutes to signal satiety, you have already spent a lot of time with your starter and then eat less with the main course.
  4. Apples contain fiber and pectin, which makes you feel full more quickly. They stabilize blood sugar, which also helps to stop appetite. In addition, you need a while until you have finished nibbling your apple - so the brain has time to say: enough!

With spices and Co. against hunger

  1. Cayenne pepper is a great diet helper. Even half a teaspoon causes the body to burn ten extra calories. The hot spice boosts the metabolism and signals earlier that you have eaten enough.
  2. Whether in a smoothie, in an Asian dish or infused with hot water, ginger has a stimulating effect, gives energy and improves digestion so that you feel more active and less squinting at the chocolate.
  3. Have you ever noticed that eating sushi makes you full relatively quickly? This is not necessarily due to the rice, but also to the Wasabi. The horseradish paste suppresses appetite and also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. cinnamonbelongs on your muesli or in your coffee, as it regulates blood sugar and thus slows down hunger.
  5. linseed can be mixed into many dishes or stirred into your yogurt. They swell up and fill you up while also providing you with healthy essential fatty acids.

Warm foods that stop the appetite

  1. oatmeal are an underrated magic drug, because they provide a lot of fiber and a lot of carbohydrates at the same time, which provide the body with energy over a long period of time. Porridge is easy to digest, so you can jump right into the day's work in the morning without your stomach being too busy and blood sugar racing up and down. The hormone ghrelin ensures that the oatmeal also stops the appetite.
  2. Who one or two in the morning Eggs eats less food for up to 24 hours as one feels fuller after eating.
  3. Sweet potatoes In addition to plenty of vitamins A and C, they contain a lot of resistant starch, which ensures that digestion takes longer. This not only protects the blood sugar level, but also leaves the stomach full longer so that you don't feel hungry again as quickly.
  4. A vegetable soup on the basis of broth, i.e. without cream or the like, fills the stomach, has few calories and makes you feel good. Eat a bowl before the main meal to reduce serving, make it a full meal, or drink the broth in between meals.
  5. salmon belongs to those fish that contain a lot of leptin and therefore stop the appetite. Also good: tuna and herring.
  6. tofu is not only for vegetarians. It contains isoflavones called genistein, which suppress hunger and help you eat less.

Drinks that stop appetite

  1. The easiest drink when you want to stop your appetite is water. Just drink a little more of it, even before meals, then you will feel fuller straight away. A comparative study found that subjects who drank water before a meal ate 75 to 90 fewer calories than those who did not drink a glass of water.
  2. Who too much coffee drinks, gets nervous and nervous, but consumed in moderation not only boosts the metabolism, but also reduces feelings of hunger. Remember, sugar and cream don't make coffee healthier, on the contrary.
  3. You are not a coffee drinker and you sometimes get stuck in water? Try green teathat has many health benefits. When it comes to food cravings, it is good to know that green tea stabilizes blood sugar levels. And when he's not on the roller coaster, it's easier to forego snacks.
  4. Vegetable juice fills you up in one fell swoop without supplying many calories - the best thing is to use low-salt products.

Can Chocolate Really Stop Appetite?

If you eat a piece of dark or dark chocolate, you'll have enough quickly. The bitter substances immediately put the brakes on when you have an appetite. However, this does not apply to the sweet milk chocolate!

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