What defines people

Definition of a human

1. Definition:
The human being is a self-thinking, independent, highly developed living being, which, according to knowledge gained, descends from the ape. He has developed from a skilful collector and hunter to a modern worker in today's society. This development was made possible by adapting to different living conditions. Furthermore, humans are characterized by their ability to think and by their diversity in cultural, economic and political areas. Biologically speaking, man's only purpose is to reproduce, which is why there are males and females. The religious conception of the origin of man is based on the history of creation. So man was supposedly created by God. Through his birth, the original sin "Adam and Eve" is passed on to him.

2. Definition:
Humans (Homo Sapiens) are descended from monkeys. Man is a living being that is born with a lack of knowledge. Humans go through a never-ending learning process. Humans have the ability to think and act independently. Humans have the most highly developed brain, especially in areas related to sight, touch, memory and learning. Humans have 5 sensory organs: the ear to hear, the mouth to taste, the eyes to see, the nose to smell and the hands to feel. People walk upright and can adapt to society. Human beings reproduce and every human being is in himself an individual. Man can influence the course of his life, but not determine it. Man can show feelings and has a soul and a spirit.

3. Definition:
It consists of body, soul and spirit. Man is God's greatest creation (according to the Bible) because he is the most intelligent being in the world and is supposed to represent the image of God. From a biological point of view, humans descended from the great ape and went through various stages of evolution until they finally did. Mastered the upright gait and looked the way we know it today. It is a mammal that is dependent on air and food, without which it could not survive. In addition there is the factor love or the psychological state, which shapes the life and future development of the human being. Every person is different and has his own character, which makes him something special compared to other mammals, such as the monkey.

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