Will the world end on April 18th

Corona: Lockdown until April 18 - criticism of the planned curfew

SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach does not yet consider a night curfew to contain the corona pandemic to be absolutely necessary. If the number of cases continues to rise rapidly, however, it is unlikely to be avoided, warned the trained epidemiologist on Sunday evening on "Bild live". The reason for this is that the spreading corona mutation B.1.1.7 is "four to eight times as contagious" as the previous virus when viewed over a month.

"So far, no country has managed to get the much faster pandemic with this mutation under control without there being exit restrictions in lockdown," said Lauterbach. Nevertheless, it must be clear: "Exit restrictions are the last resort, you have to try to prevent that." The only chance to do this is offered by a "very strict test concept" with two tests per week in all schools and companies. The capacities for this are being "built up feverishly".

FDP leader Christian Lindner, however, rejects curfews to contain the pandemic in principle. He said on “Bild live”: “I always consider exit restrictions to be disproportionate, too severe a restriction of freedom.” In addition, they are not necessarily useful even for reasons of infection protection: “When members of a household move outside in the fresh air, I see no reason to forbid them to do so. "