What is an influencer job

What does the future hold for influencer marketing?

Nowadays the profession of influencer is still ridiculed, because many think: “Being an influencer - that's not a job, it's just a hobby that lasts for a short time.” So what does the future for influencer marketing look like? ?

At the Influencer Marketing Academy (IMA), we are firmly convinced that influencer marketing will spread very widely in the next few years and will become an integral part of the marketing mix. Everywhere you see successes that companies have achieved with influencers through their campaigns. Why would anyone want to forego such successes?

By now, when we walk through drugstores, we see brands using influencers as advertising faces. There is a reason for this: Influencers are more approachable than stars, with them obviously products can be sold better. A successful example of this are the DM blogger boxes, this year with Mrs Bella, Maren Wolf, Nihan, Kind of Rosy and XLaeta - all completely sold out. This example shows that brands will continue to work with influencers in the near future, because success speaks for itself.

Our society is evolving and so are our career opportunities. In the future, there will very likely even be universities that offer influencer marketing as a degree program and thus certify it as a recognized profession. Today, of course, things still look different, as we humans often react with rejection to new things that we do not know and are not familiar with. But that's a perfectly normal reaction. Would you have believed 30 years ago that you could order your food online with the help of a mobile phone and have it delivered to you? We humans are creatures of habit.

More and more new technologies are being developed and maybe there is also the possibility that customers will be able to get advice from influencers online in the shops at some point.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself” - Alan Kay

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Author: Influencer Marketing Academy IMA