What is AngularJS used for?

What are Angular and AngularJS?

In this article I would like to briefly clarify the currently somewhat confusing structure of the project names in the Angular area. I will briefly explain the difference between AngularJS and Angular and later also the differences in the versions of Angular.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. It aims at the development of web applications and attaches great importance to structure and quality. It was the first framework that was also suitable for large enterprise applications due to its focus on architecture, testing and isolated components in the JavaScript area. Methods such as dependency injection and sophisticated tooling enable efficient and maintainable software development based on JavaScript.

We also have an AngularJS tutorial for beginners with examples and explanations.

AngularJS in brief

AngularJS is summarized in a few key points:

  • A JavaScript framework for dynamic web applications
  • Intended for the development of single-page apps
  • Developed by Google and in productive use there
  • An open source project (since 2009)
  • An MVC / MVVM framework that supports bidirectional data binding
  • Designed for good testability
  • Opinionated

What is Angular?

Angular is the next version of the open source framework AngularJS. The code base has been completely rewritten and now uses the TypeScript language as the basis. The basic idea and concepts of the framework have remained identical, however, which enables a migration or even a hybrid use of the versions. The focus of the project has expanded from the development of a framework to the development of an entire platform for web applications. More than 30 employees are currently working on the project and are supported by hundreds of developers from the open source community. With the introduction of tools such as the command line tool Angular-CLI, projects can now be created and transferred to production even faster.

Our Angular Tutorial for Beginners is the best way to get started.

Angular in a nutshell

  • The next version of the AngularJS framework
  • Completely new development of the predecessor
  • Has adopted many of the concepts from AngularJS
  • Based on the TypeScript language
  • Platform for developing web, desktop and mobile applications
  • Is being developed by a 30-strong team at Google
  • Aimed at professional web development for enterprise applications

What is the difference between AngularJS, Angular, Angular 2, Angular 4…?

AngularJS was the first version of the framework that has been used millions of times and that revolutionized web application development. With the change to version 2, the language of the framework has changed from JavaScript to TypeScript. Furthermore, the goal of Angular is now to be a platform for web development, so the JS was deleted from the name and the project has been called Angular 2 from that point on. In spring 2017, the team then made the decision to structure the versions with the SEMVER (Semantic Versioning) system and to define a fixed rhythm for releases. So there is now only the Angular project, which takes on new features and breaking changes in a clearly defined period (every 6 months), which then results in a version jump. This has many advantages for the development team, who can also plan their development and software updates much better.

So it's just: Angular.

I hope I was able to free you from the confusion and now have a clear picture of the naming conventions of the Angular project. I am always happy to receive feedback, praise and criticism! Thanks!