When was Nigeria founded?


In 1862 the British first declared the city of Lagos their protectorate, then in 1886 a crown colony. The trading company had great influence Royal Niger Companywho took possession of land in the center and north and staked out borders, also against French and German influence. In 1899 she sold her land to the British government. In the next few years the rest of the country, especially the Sokoto Caliphate, was finally conquered.

First the colonies of southern Nigeria and northern Nigeria emerged. In 1914 they were combined into a single colony. Yet the country was divided. That was true in the north Indirect rule, that is, the previous rulers, for example the Caliph of Sokoto, retained their power and exercised it locally. For example, they collected taxes for the British or enforced instructions from the British. In return, for example, Islamic law, the Sharia, was allowed to continue to be applied. In the south, for example with the Igbo, this type of exercise of power was not possible because there were no ruling structures there (i.e. no chiefs or kings).

Especially after the Second World War, the aspirations for independence increased in many African countries, including Nigeria. In the 1950s, Nigeria was divided into three regions (north, south-west, south-east), which received their own administration and parliament. In 1960 Nigeria was given independence.