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Application form for the removal of personal data

For data protection reasons, you may have the right to request that certain personal data about you be deleted.

With this form you can request that certain search results that contain your name be removed from Google search. Google LLC is responsible for the processing of personal data that is carried out when determining search results in Google Search. Google LLC is also responsible for processing requests to remove content from search results submitted via this form.

If you would like to request that personal data be deleted from another Google product, please use the relevant form. You can find this on the Remove content from the Google index page. For example, if you would like your personal data to be deleted from Blogger, submit your request using the relevant Blogger form.

When processing your application, we will weigh your data protection rights as an individual against the public interest in the information and the right to disseminate information. For example, we may reject an application based on financial fraud, professional misconduct or abuse of office, criminal conviction, or public conduct by public officials.