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Wat et nitt all jitt

A summary of the series of events on the job market for people with
Disability from March 4th to 20th, 2009

"Wat et nit all jitt! - The job market for people with disabilities" was the name of the series of events from March 4th to 20th, 2009. It wanted to encourage, promote new contacts and show successful examples of new paths in training and work. The events made it clear that employing people with disabilities not only enables them to lead a more independent life, but that employers also benefit. The paths that ultimately lead a disabled person to work are as varied as the motto of the series of events expresses: "Wat et nit all jitt!" ("What is not there!")

In addition to the City of Cologne, the organizers of the series were the Rhineland Regional Association, the Cologne Chamber of Crafts, the Employment Agency, the BTZ-Berufsbildung Köln and IN VIA e. V. Numerous other actors also took part in the design of the program.

The program was aimed at young people, their parents and teachers, job seekers and employees in workshops and companies who would like to change, at members of representatives for the severely disabled and, in particular, at employers.

Below you can read which events were offered by whom.

Events from March 4th to 19th, 2009

  • "Workshop for people with disabilities" in the Alexianer Hospital
    Organizer: Alexianer service companies
  • "Professional rehabilitation of adults" at the BFW Cologne, Michaelshoven Organizer. Cologne Job Promotion Agency
  • Day of encounter at Cafe Cultura (gastronomy and sales)
    Organizer: Sozial-Betriebe-Köln non-profit GmbH (SBK), Cafe Cultura
  • Open house at R + S Services: "Are you looking for suitable and committed employees? Have a different look!"
    Organizer: R + S Services and Vocational Education Cologne GmbH (BTZ), Job Exchange Work & Health
  • Integration companies - a good way!
    Organizer: Alexian Brotherhood, Hotel BegardenHof
  • Training professions in the media
    Organizer: Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)
  • Open house at Allerhand
    Organizer: Kreative Werkstatt Allerhand, the non-profit workshops Cologne GmbH (GWK)
  • The personal budget for work
    Organizer: Coordination, Contact and Advice Center (KoKoBe) South
  • Day of encounter at the cooperation project Integrationsbetrieb Deutz and Caritas-Werkstätten Cologne (gastronomy)
    Organizer: Civic Center Deutz and Caritas workshops in Cologne
  • Open day at Salo West
    Organizer: Salo West GmbH
  • Day of encounter: Cooperation project between the An-Pack company and the Caritas workshops in Cologne
    Organizer: An-Pack and Carits-Werkstätten Cologne (packaging, shipping and storage logistics)
  • Open day at the IFD
    Organizer: Integration Service Cologne (IFD)
  • Simplified vocational training: Open day at the IB training center
    Organizer: International Association for Employment, Education and Social Services mbH, Cologne Education Center

Market of Opportunities on March 20, 2009

Information exchange in the historic town hall

Organizers: City of Cologne, Rhineland Regional Council, Employment Agency, Cologne Chamber of Crafts, Vocational Education Cologne GmbH (BTZ), In Via e. V.

Under the motto "Wat et nit all jitt!" The information exchange on the subject of "Labor market for people with disabilities" opened its doors on March 20, 2009 in the town hall. After the former mayor Fritz Schramma had welcomed the guests, the "market of possibilities" was opened.

A large number of visitors were already there at the opening to find out more. A total of around 800 interested citizens found their way to the town hall.

The offer was great. Forty participants at their stands explained the possibilities and chances of the job market for people with disabilities. Former Mayor Fritz Schramma and Mr. Welters, Chairman of the Management Board of the Cologne Employment Agency, personally visited many stands and talked to various exhibitors about their work.

Around 350 visitors obtained information on topics such as "job assistance" or "personal budget for work" in eight different lecture and discussion events.

Seventy young people trained on site how to apply correctly and had their application documents checked.

The city of Cologne, Metro AG, the Cologne Employment Agency and the Rhineland Regional Association offered an apprenticeship and internship exchange as employers. Some young people took up this offer to find out more about internships and training opportunities.

The Deutz community center and the Alexianer service companies took care of the physical well-being. In addition to chili con (and sine) carne, the cake buffet was eagerly used by exhibitors and visitors.

The visitors were asked to write their wishes, suggestions and criticisms on a pin board. Overall, there was consistently positive feedback. For possible further series of events, however, the visitors wanted more employers to take part with stands and to be available for questions and answers. It was also suggested that the employment agency should make a career counselor available for another event.

At all events of "Wat et nit all jitt!" many new contacts could be made. This is one of the successes of the event.

Due to the success of the series of events, the organizers decided to repeat this event every two years.