Where do Sumatran rhinos live

Alliance to Save the Last Sumatran Rhinos

Sex is a complicated thing, not only, but especially, for Sumatran rhinos. The animals are now so rare that they rarely run into each other. This naturally makes reproduction difficult. Ten populations totaling less than 80 specimens, split into four isolated regions far apart from each other, are the sad remnants of a species that was once spread from northeast India across all of Southeast Asia.

The clock is ticking for the smallest species of rhino in the world. Without human help, species death is preprogrammed in a few years. A new initiative wants to prevent that. For World Rhinoceros Day on September 22nd the Indonesian government, supported by WWF, IUCN, National Geographic, Global Wildlife Conservation and the International Rhino Foundation has set up an alliance to to save the species from extinction. With patrols and the improved management of some national parks, the problem can no longer be solved alone. That is why the new alliance aims to to protect the last remaining wild populations and at the same time to intensify captive reproduction in several Indonesian breeding pens.

The alliance wantstwo new breeding stationsen build on Borneo and Sumatra and enlarge the existing facility in Way Kambas National Park in southern Sumatra. First of all it will be aboutto track down as many reproductive animals as possible living in isolation and to relocate them to these protection centers. The reproduction of rhinos is complicated. Their reproduction rate is very low and many of the animals still alive are due to their longstanding isolationbarren. It is therefore necessary to take into account the latest veterinary knowledge in breeding programs and to involve reproduction experts from all over the world. In view of the precarious situation, it is important to stop the shrinking inventory figures and reverse the trend as quickly as possible so that one canrelease healthy populations back into the wild in the future can and theSumatran rhinos roam the rainforests of Indonesia again.

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