How are normal wooden barrels made

Barrel furniture

The wooden barrel was made from air-dried oak. This is essential for the barrel. With kiln-dried oak, bending the staves would lead to many breaks because the wood fibers are too inelastic.

That brings us directly to the topic.

Wooden barrels are made so that there is always a liquid in the barrel, and the wooden barrel, not like barrel furniture, is usually in a damp cellar. This means that the wood cannot dry out.

If you set up the wooden barrel in a dry room, a large part of the wood will slowly evaporate. The consequence> wood shrinkage.

Wood shrinkage is normal if the wood has not been technically dried down to approx. 8% wood moisture (furniture quality)

We therefore manufacture our barrel furniture in 2 qualities

Premium barrel furniture


  • Complete drying of the wooden barrel to furniture quality.
  • No shrinkage of the wood.
  • Complete gluing of the barrel so no moving the staves and almost no screws have to be used.
  • The barrel furniture is visually and functionally fully usable in the long term.
  • Can also be used very well in gastronomy because it is always stable


  • More expensive to buy

Standard barrel furniture


  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Fast production possible from the order date, short delivery times for you


  • The wood is still "alive" and warps within a few weeks
  • The barrel will optically have joints between the staves
  • The staves begin to shift
  • A lot of screws, nails, etc. are required to weaken the above points, but they are not very attractive
  • Can only be used in gastronomy if it remains in place, otherwise there is a risk of falling apart

We have already equipped villas with the premium barrel furniture several times without a complaint!

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