How do weed varieties get their names

The 10 worst weeds in your garden

There are weeds that are more stubborn than others. You should therefore keep an eye on these ten weeds as small plants and fight them directly.

Annoying weeds present many gardeners and garden owners with a new challenge every year. The rapidly spreading plants rob their neighboring plants of light, water and valuable nutrients. If you are not growing your plants in a protected greenhouse, you have to start combating the weeds regularly and, above all, in good time. Above all, you should keep an eye on the spread of the following ten weeds.

1. Thistles

Thistles spread on the Lawns or beds. The thistles in particular can be very uncomfortable. To get rid of thistles, you have to Remove the plant and its roots. The smaller the thistle, the easier it is to remove. A weed picker can help you here.

2. nettles

Nettles reproduce both underground and through seeds, which is why they are special stubborn weeds are. A single plant can cover an area of ​​up to one square meter with its shoots.

3. Chickweed

Chickweed is one of the weeds that forms dense pads. It forms hers especially in vegetable patches long, prostrate shoots out. There it blooms even in mild winters, so that the Birds of theirs Feed seeds can.

4. Dandelions

Who does not know the dandelion dandelions from childhood? But because of the little umbrellas that fly through the air, the dandelions multiply and become one of the most annoying weeds. To get rid of the dandelion, it is not enough to simply chop it off. You have to Taproots with a weed picker remove.

5. ivy

Ivy is a decorative element for many, but it can quickly exceed the desired extent. He spreads particularly quickly and can limit the growth of other plants. Besides, he is slightly poisonous

6. moss

If your lawn is streaked with moss, all that helps Scarifying. This will tear up the roots of the moss and pull the weeds out of the lawn. So your lawn can grow again!

7. Horsetail

Horsetail's roots often reach up to two meters deep. This makes weed control a real one for many gardeners Challenge.

8. Giersch

Giersch is one of the stubborn weeds. His rhizome is like a ball of wool. It loops around herbaceous roots so that new plants can reappear somewhere in the garden. In addition, the seeds also yield always new plants.

9. Bindweed

The roots of the bindweed also reach up to two meters deep. This is why it is easiest to control when the plants are not that big.

10. Couch

The couch grass spreads through seeds as well as through underground creeps out. The rhizome can grow up to one meter annually and numerous daughter plants form. A real challenge for every gardener.

Once you have the weeds under control, you can devote yourself to the cozy part. Relax on the sun lounger or cool off in the pool. With regular weed control, you can look forward to a rich harvest in the vegetable garden!

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