Where can you go without a passport?

Entry requirements


Coronavirus / COVID-19: Current information on global entry regulations

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are still warnings against unnecessary tourist trips to a large number of countries.

The RKI currently identifies four risk categories:

  • risk areas
  • Areas that are currently no longer considered risk areas
  • High incidence areas
  • Virus variant areas

Please check the entry regulations and travel / safety information of the respective country, as well as the applicable ones, before your trip Quarantine / test regulations of the federal states for travelers returning.

Important note for holidaymakers returning to Germany by plane from abroad: Since March 30, a general test before the return flight has been a prerequisite for entering Germany.

The following official websites will help you plan your trip in times of Corona:

The current Regulations for travelers returning from risk areas can be modified at short notice by the state resolutions. We therefore ask you to keep yourself up-to-date on the website of the respective federal state.

Where can you travel to in 2021?

During the lockdown in Germany, private holiday travel in Germany is not possible. However, despite the lockdown and widespread travel warnings, trips abroad are not prohibited and are possible depending on the respective entry requirements of the travel destination.

In the following list you will find popular travel countries that German citizens can theoretically enter at the moment. However, there may be restrictions on entry and on the return journey, such as PCR tests, quarantine measures or online registrations. The ug. Some travel destinations are also on the RKI's risk list.

Therefore, please check the current information on risk areas and the specific travel / safety information from the Federal Foreign Office for the individual countries as stated above:


The information relates to German citizens. All information without guarantee, as of May 18, 2021

Where are German holidaymakers currently not allowed to enter?

German citizens are currently not allowed to enter these popular travel destinations for tourist purposes (no exhaustive list):


For your vacation planning, see our detailed information on safe travel despite Corona.

The increased entry controls and health checks also affect in particular Cruise ships. There have already been several refusals to call at ports. Delays, route changes and, in certain cases, quarantine measures by local authorities are still to be expected.

Please note:

  • Check your Travel health insurance coverage.
  • Make sure you have a sufficient one Supply of necessary medication also in the event of an extended stay abroad.
  • Prepare for any additional costs associated with an extended stay and, if necessary, leave yours Credit line increase.
  • Do the math when arranged Quarantine measures not with a repatriation by your tour operator or the federal government, but follow the orders of local health authorities.
  • Pay attention to instructions and always follow the Instructions from local authorities.
  • Find out more from the RKI before returning from a risk area and note the detailed information on travel restrictions and border controls issued by the Federal Ministry of the Interior.


Entry requirements for your vacation destination

We want you to enjoy your vacation and that everything runs smoothly for you when you arrive. We have therefore compiled the entry requirements for popular travel destinations for you. What are the entry requirements in Thailand, what must be observed when entering the USA and what do you have to think about when entering the Dominican Republic. We will inform you whether you need a visa in your holiday destination or whether a passport is sufficient, what customs restrictions there are and what you have to consider when entering the country with children.

With weg.de you are well prepared for the best time of the year and can fully enjoy your vacation right from the start. You have earned it.

ID card, passport or visa - what do I need for my trip?

For these destinations you need:

Identity card

As an EU citizen, you need to travel within the border-free Schengen area Identity card or passport not to be shown. Nevertheless, we recommend that you at least bring your identity card with you so that you can identify yourself when traveling by air or during police checks.

This applies to trips to the following countries:

No border-free Schengen area, but the identity card is sufficient:


You need a passport to enter these countries if you enter as a tourist and do not stay for more than 90 days:


Here a visa will be required for the trip: (Often the visa is issued on arrival at the airport if you have a valid passport)

If you are not planning a vacation but a longer stay, you will need a visa in most countries. The list above applies to holders of German citizenship.


All statements without guarantee. Only the competent authorities of the respective countries can provide binding information. Please note that the situation is developing dynamically and can change quickly.

This article was last updated on May 18th, 2021.

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