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Elvis Presley's electric guitar under the hammer

$ 10,000 starting bid
from editorial staff,

On August 13th, an electric guitar from the King of Rock & Roll will go under the hammer on the former Elvis Presley estate Graceland in Memphis. The minimum bid for the Les Paul copy of unknown origin is $ 10,000 - the cherry sunburst guitar with mother-of-pearl inlays is valued at $ 30,000.

Two more Elvis guitars have already been auctioned this year - a 1969 Custom Gibson Ebony Dove for $ 270,000 and an acoustic guitar with an ebony finish that Elvis received from his father Vernon Presley for $ 334,000 in 1969.

Presley had played the electric guitar when rehearsing his TV comeback in 1968 and then gave it to the husband of his housekeeper, Nancy Rook.


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