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Barnes & Noble: Nobody knows Nook - gifts should change that

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It took years and many announcements before the US book retail giant Barnes & Noble (BN) made its plan a reality and launched its digital platform “Nook” abroad. Since the end of last year, Nook shops have been operating in 32 countries and in 21 languages ​​- so far, so good. Obviously, there is still a huge problem with the dear customers, because in Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands the book retail giant is trying to attract users with gifts: magazines and e-books are sold in abundance for free if the Nook app is downloaded .

The generous offer is unlikely to make the valued competition sweat: Hardly anyone in Europe has ever heard of Nook, the advertising effort is minimal and the Nook app is actually only available for Windows. However, European customers who have a US Nook account (like the author) cannot use it to access the US shop.

In fact, BN had linked the foreign presence announced with Donnerhall to Windows, which cut off 90 percent of the mobile market. The reason for the restriction is simple: Microsoft is a shareholder and has reportedly invested more than $ 600 million in the cause. A Nook app for Android has only been available since April 1st, but it is not officially available in Germany (due to the start date).

One wonders whether the publishing and magazine managers who signed the Nook deal in the four countries were aware that they were doing nothing: CHIP Italia and L'Espresso, Maxim Schweiz or Cosmopolitan are available, plus E-books by classics and current bestselling authors.

The Nook platform in the USA has degenerated from being a serious Amazon adversary to an economic disaster in the past two years; In an overall booming e-book market, significant declines in sales had to be absorbed. The cumulative losses that the Nook adventure brought its owner are estimated at up to 1.3 billion US dollars. But, as this recent episode shows, Nook management has not yet lost its sense of humor.


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