Which is better camels or marlboros

The strength of cigarette brands: Marlboro stays ahead

It has not yet been decided whether German smokers will also see shock images on cigarette packets in the future. Because of the advertising restrictions for tobacco products, it is not easy for cigarette brands to advertise their brand image. In the current brand ranking, the Hamburg online researchers from Mafo.de have tested eleven cigarette brands for their strength and position on the market.

Marlboro: The superior winner is Marlboro (scorecard). The brand is attractive, dynamic, modern and uncomplicated and does not lack uniqueness, quality and tradition. In addition, smokers in Marlboro see a special cigarette brand that is better than others and occupies a leading market position. Only with the claim ("Don't be a Maybe, be Marlboro") does the competition on the podium have a slight edge.

Lucky Strike: Regarding the claim ("Lucky Strike. Nothing else."), Lucky Strike is at the top of the ranking - no other saying clearly shows what it is about. With the consistently good image, the respondents only think of Lucky Strike when it comes to modernity and naturalness on par with Marlboro.

Pall Mall: The sister brand Pall Mall does everything well from a smoker's point of view, but not quite as well as Lucky Strike. Also with the slogan (“The world tastes better with Pall Mall.”) The lag is very small, only with uniqueness there is a gap to Lucky Strike.