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Honduras Marcala coffee

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For this variety we use
Honduras washed Arabica, Marcala: SHG, Café Orgánico Marcala

Preparation recommendation:

On the east coast of Central America, on the Caribbean, is Honduras. In the border area to El Salvador, in the Marcala region, the coffee plants for this single-variety coffee roasting grow.
The climate of the region gives the beans a fresh fruit acidity reminiscent of oranges and apricots. But chocolate and nut flavors are also said to have been made of this top-quality coffee.

The fruity aroma is retained through our roasting. The unpleasant acidity was gently broken down and neither spoiled the taste nor the tolerance. In the finish you can already guess the chocolatey body of darker roasts.

In order to preserve the diverse aromas of a coffee, but still not make it appear too light or too sour, the right degree of roast is crucial. Between the first and second cracking of the beans, the acid level rises and falls, and with it the variety of aromas in the coffee. Seconds are decisive here, because with the start of the 2nd crack, the last fruit acids in the bean are broken down and the coffee roasting becomes espresso roasting.

Our coffee roasts are best brewed in the classic way. As a filter coffee (machine or hand filter) or in the French press, it has enough time to develop its full aroma.
Even with a fully automatic machine, you get your money's worth with this coffee. However, it is not suitable for classic espresso.

As a tip for the portafilter fans among you:
We also like to drink our coffee roasts as café créma 😉