What are the best Android widgets

With these Android widgets you can upgrade the home screen


Anyone familiar with programming language should know what IFTTT means. The abbreviation stands for "If this then that" - and that is exactly what the app of the same name offers. With IFTTT, you can define what should happen when a certain button is pressed in a widget. Thus, the Android widget offers almost endless possibilities. You can change settings on your smartphone, manage your smart home or set automatic mechanisms in motion. It's worth trying!


KWGT works in a similar way to IFTTT. With this app you have the chance to create and use individual widgets. The integrated What you see is what you get editor, or WYSIWYG editor for short, is easy to use and enables even absolute laypeople to create Android widgets themselves. You start with the size of the widget and then build on it step by step. Enormously practical and simple apply.

5. Spotify

If you love music, you can't ignore Spotify. If you want to control the app directly from your home screen from now on, you should use Spotify as a widget. So you can in the future play, skip or pause music directlywithout having to open the app every time. In addition, the Android widget always shows you the current title and the associated artist in miniature view. This is extremely practical, especially for podcasts on the go.

6. Overdrop

Who does not know it: At least once a day you look at the weather app. Who the best GoogleWeather widgets is looking for, overdrop is the right choice. In addition to the current weather situation, you have just as important with Overdrop Further information such as the time of day and the battery level of your Android smartphone at a glance. Overdrop thus completely eliminates the need to use a clock widget.

7. Bubble cloud widget

Fancy the look of a smart watch on your Android smartphone? Then you should get the Bubble Cloud Widget. This gives you the option of defining certain Select apps and arrange them in a cloud of round icons. These are then automatically displayed on the home screen and convey the cool look of a smart watch. You can adjust the design and size individually. Special highlight: The app you use the most grows into the biggest bubble over time. So you always have an overview of which app you use most often. If you want, you can also specify fixed sizes and stick to the original widget design.