What are the most ridiculous Halloween costumes

The funniest Halloween costumes

The funniest costume ideas for Halloween

On Halloween you have to dress up properly: whether it's a creepy porcelain doll or a funny burrito - Halloween costumes don't necessarily have to give you goose bumps. Let yourself be inspired by our selection of Halloween costumes.

Sugar-Skull: The feminine version of Mexican death

On October 31 the day of the dead (Dia de los Muertos) is celebrated in Mexico. For this, people put on make-up like death. Sounds pretty gloomy at first, but it has a lot more to do with art than you can imagine. The gruesome work of art is a great disguise, especially for Halloween.

Creepy porcelain doll

A really scary costume is the creepy porcelain doll. An old, baroque dress and white makeup make the living doll perfect. The tangled hair adds the finishing touch to the whole look.

Billy doll from the movie "Saw"

The film series "Saw" taught us the creeps in a very drastic way. Who does not remember the Billy doll that lurked around every corner with her tricycle! That of course makes the doll from the film a popular Halloween costume. A chic outfit and a little pale make-up - et voilá: Billy has come to life.

Golden Halloween costume for children: old couple

The parents were not lacking in ingenuity with this costume. The two children were quickly turned into retirees who need a walking aid in addition to glasses. The costume is always practical: If the children are at the age at which they still need a baby walker, this is included in the old couple costume.

Salt and pepper to go

If you like it simple as a parent, you can disguise your dwarf as a salt or pepper shaker. To do this, simply dress the child in white or black and embroider a chef's hat. Of course, it is especially cute when the child's best friend dresses up as a counterpart.

Sweet costume for the little ones

So that even the smallest ones don't stand or lie without a costume, there is this adorable burrito costume. Wrapped in foil and with a warming cap on their head, even the youngest family member can watch the older siblings from the stroller.

Funny idea for pregnant women: unicorn mom

What makes a unicorn so special? His horn, of course. And when a female unicorn is expecting offspring, even the baby has a horn, which in this Halloween costume for pregnant women already bores its way through the belly. A gruesomely beautiful costume for mums-to-be.

The walking chewing gum machine

Why shouldn't you show off your fat belly during pregnancy in a Halloween costume! For this funny costume, simply glue or sew a colorful bobble on a white shirt. A small "25 Cent" sign on the skirt gives the decisive indication that this costume is a chewing gum machine.

Halloween costume for the dog: cuddly toy or real?

The most loyal of all companions should of course also get a costume on Halloween. Do you remember the Ty cuddly toys that many children collected a few years ago? This cute Ty dog ​​cannot be collected, but steals the show from all other cuddly toys.