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2 GYNECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS CLINIC Born on Gilead. Get to know us! We cordially invite you to our information evenings for parents-to-be on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 7 p.m. in our cafeteria in house Gilead I. Evangelical Clinic Bethel Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics in the perinatal center (Level I) house Gilead I Burgsteig Bielefeld (Bethel) Secretariat: Delivery room: Ü

3 Inhalt01 Page 004 art / science-festival Bielefeld Identity 004 People 008 City life 010 Shopping and service 022 Eating and drinking 024 Sports 026 Health 028 Mobility 032 Job & education 034 Live imprint 044 Dates, viewing 052 Digital 053 Reading 054 Worlds of books 055 Listening 056 Finally 058 art / science-festival Bielefeld Identity Science and art deal with a complex term that is currently much discussed. Three days in the Kunsthalle are all about identity. We introduce scientists and artists who approach the topic from different perspectives. 017 Markus Hinker Page 012 Bielefeld in the New Year Outlook 2018 The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said we shouldn't want to foresee the future, but make it possible In some respects it is still nice to know what to expect in the new year. Our colleague Renée Trippler asked what was in store for Bielefeld in 2018. 034 Kerstin Weißinger BIELEFELDER 037 Ralph Ruthe Participate & win Participate & win! Blue-rays Kedi, p. 10 books Mia Meilenstein, p. 18 Free tickets Cinemaxx, p. 18 Sissi tickets, p. 23 Caveman tickets, p. 23 Ralph Ruthe tickets, S Hot Dog tickets, S Laura Maria Haensel Photos: Bielefeld Marketing / Sarah Jonek, Corinna Bokermann, Stefanie Gomoll, Philipp Ottendörfer, Promotion Extra Like! Special Weddings Heart overhead MARRIAGE PLAN + ENJOY EATING From printed matter to wedding dress, we provide numerous inspirations for everything to do with weddings. We are also happy to help you with the question of where to celebrate in the region. So, get out there together and plan the wedding you've always wanted to celebrate. 5th YEAR ISSUES 2018 THE BRA UT Herz über Kopf Wedding stationery Tips for locations for wedding fairs Cover picture: deteringdesign GmbH / Bielefeld Marketing January 2018 Bielefelder 3

4 E C N E I C S / T AR L A V I T S E F D L E F E L E BI I D E N T I TÄ T otos: Text und F irck, B e ik E, okermann Corinna B ll o m o Stefanie G tuell griff, the ac e B n e x le p em kom. We present with a t.tä 17 ti n m e o Id v en hen der hern. always busy in the drawing u n K e d hwinkel n e u ck st li ft e B a ll h a n e h s st n e n this knowledge of the cu aria n and three days in the theme from v. T d ir m e w Hochschule d rt e ch ch ti si si u k ie m is d e d d r, l o n vie nnen v tity, a nd KünstlerI jektes Iden u r ro le sp ft n a o h ti sc ra Koope Wissen. l is part of the a iv st e F r participate e ce st e n ie m c e / s rs rt te Das a in the win of the region n e g n tu ch Kultureinri Dr. Florian Muhle I am many Who am I? Who are you? From a sociological perspective, these questions cannot be answered clearly, as there is not just one identity in the social world, explains Florian Muhle, media sociologist at Bielefeld University. At home I am a family member, in a footballer club, depending on the social context in which I am active. So you can say: I am many. To describe this, the term social role is used in sociology, which means that we assume very different roles in different social situations, which are expected of us in these contexts. Perhaps that is precisely why the search for identity and an associated core in modern society is so important for many people. In any case, the Internet, as it spread in the 1990s, supported this search, according to the media sociologist, who is giving a lecture at the art / science festival on the curse and blessing of anonymity on the Internet. 4 Bielefelder January 2018 The second life In the 1990s and 2000s, chats and virtual worlds dominated, in which people could mask themselves using nicknames. In Second Life, for example, users acted in a virtual world through avatars. Questions about real life were expressly not welcome. Accordingly, anonymity online can be a blessing, because it initially offers freedom and protection, says Florian Muhle. You can act as you want to be without fear of sanctions. This is of course a blessing for people looking for identity, but also with a view to freedom of expression. However, anonymity and freedom also have their downsides when one thinks of hate comments or cyber bullying, especially among young people. In my opinion, it would be wrong to derive demands for a ban on anonymity from this. On the one hand, anonymous expression is a basic right and, on the other hand, the disclosure of user data naturally also harbors potential problems. Dr. Florian Muhle More public This is how today's social media ask users to reveal as much as possible about themselves. You are constantly asked to address yourself and Facebook asks for extensive profile information, such as gender, relationship status, training center, etc. Behind this is a business model that turns Internet user data into a commodity. On the front stage, Facebook is a means of communication, on the back stage it creates

5 Always on the move Festival program: gen the data advertising and consumer profiles. If it's only about personalized advertising, that's still harmless. But potential employers or government authorities also try to access Facebook profiles. This can have consequences for the user. Overall, Facebook has made users' lives more public, because you don't just present yourself to friends, but also to third parties. One thing is certain: The network is not a blessing or a curse per se, but a highly ambivalent phenomenon that is often both at the same time, clock, lecture hall of the Kunsthalle N icole Zielke, K at rin N o wa k, M at thias G rä ß lin Diversity enriches us and the others, disabled and non-disabled, with or without a migration background, but also: humans and robots. In society, identity is often defined by demarcation or even exclusion. An attitude that is completely contrary to the approach of the Theaterwerkstatt Bethel, in which participants from different areas of life have been meeting since 1983. On the active, artistic level, this black and white question does not arise for me, emphasizes theater director Matthias Gräßlin. We are an open place and interact with everyone who comes to us and wants to participate. How enriching it is to bring the most diverse life experiences and ways of thinking together on the stage is demonstrated by the inclusive Volxtheater of the Bethel theater workshop. At the art / science festival it shows excerpts from his current play The Second Man. For Matthias Gräßlin, director Katrin Nowak and dramaturge Nicole Zielke it is already the tenth joint production. She takes a look into the future. Asks about wishes, hopes, longings and how people want to develop further. They found material for this in the features section as well as in various novels. One of them plays There it is about androids and the question: What rights and feelings do they have ?, says Katrin Nowak. The novel reminds me of how we already differentiate between people today, adds Nicole Zielke. How much identity and dignity do you give such an artificial form? But how exactly can identity be defined positively? A question that is becoming more and more complex, especially in the age of artificial intelligence and fake identities on the internet. And which the Volxtheater team encourages to thoughtful discussions rather than unambiguous answers. Matthias Gräßlin tries this way: For me, identity is some kind of source, a form of claim through which I am connected to the world. It can be religion or a craft. For me, culture is a powerful source. In our artistic process, identity formation happens in a very comprehensive way. Education is a good keyword here. Because identity is not set in stone, but changeable. Identity is always on the move. For example when time goes by or when I have new experiences, says Katrin Nowak. The director is all the more looking forward to the fact that the production, which was originally staged at the university, is now conquering a new space. Our characters and stories have moved. Let's see how the new living space has become and how it changes, laughs the director. Playing in the art gallery is what makes the festival so special for all three. But I also find it exciting, emphasizes Nicole Zielke, to be embedded in a scientific discourse and to further develop identity designs and future wishes together, 6 p.m., foyer of the Kunsthalle Nicole Zielke, Katrin Nowak, Matthias Gräßlin January 2018 Bielefelder 5

6 Prof. Dr. Rainer Riemann P r o f. D r. R a i n e r R i e m a n n One and yet two Their extremely similar appearance arouses curiosity. Identical twins are often not only similar outwardly, they also match in terms of their properties and preferences. This makes them interesting for science when it comes to the role and influence of genes and the environment on the development of a person's personality and identity. In psychology, however, we speak more of the self than of a person's identity, explains psychologist Prof. Dr. Rainer Riemann from Bielefeld University, who at the art / science festival takes up the topic of two and yet one: reflections on the identity of twins. Heritage and Environment The answer to Who Am I? is associated with many questions for the twin researcher. Identical ones in particular have a similar self-concept, but like everyone else they develop an awareness of their own self. However, one's own identity does not develop out of a vacuum. There is a complex interplay between basic genetic makeup and environmental experience, says Rainer Riemann. This complex interaction, which is reflected in personal preferences, dislikes, abilities, talents, character traits, attitudes and relationships with others and which defines one's own personality, cannot be summed up in a simple formula. Twin research has been at home at Bielefeld University since the early 1990s. It is an established methodology for researching differential psychology. We are interested in personality traits and skills and we investigate the causes of differences and similarities, explains Rainer Riemann. Identical twins in Bielefeld January 2018 enable scientists to analyze the influence of these genetic and environmental factors. The path to self A person's identity is formed early on and is refined more and more over time. From the we-identity, which is sometimes expressed in a language of its own in twins, to the self, it takes time. As a rule, a differentiated identity develops up to the age of 16, according to Rainer Riemann. A particular problem with twins, especially with identical people: They are often perceived as a couple instead of as a person, or they are constantly confused. But these are problems that are brought to twins from the outside, according to Rainer Riemann. From his point of view, it is important and helpful to experience one's own value for the development of one's self. Comparing and differentiating oneself is not an exclusive twin issue, but also a sibling issue. Instead of the similarities that they experience every day, twins more often emphasize their differences. Even the smallest differences are then often overemphasized, says Rainer Riemann. Having a doppelganger by your side does not prevent you from developing your own identity. Even if the other twin plays an important role in their own identity, 4 p.m., lecture hall of the Kunsthalle 3 questions to Martin Knabenreich, Managing Director of Bielefeld Marketing GmbH, deals with the topic of how citizens become ambassadors of as part of the art / sciencefestival a city identity to a city brand. Why should people from Bielefeld identify more strongly with their city? Those who identify with their city are also committed to it, e.g. volunteers in the club, likes to host friends from other cities and likes to talk about the strengths of one's own city. This makes the city attractive for visitors, specialists and investors and ensures a more pleasant human climate within the city. Bielefeld has many strengths that make it easy to identify with the city. Why does Bielefeld have to position itself as a brand? Every city is actually already a brand, because the city name stands for specific properties and expectations. We have to work out which strengths stand for Bielefeld and with what we can convince. It's not about wishful thinking, but about how the majority of Bielefeld is perceived. What are the three strongest brand building blocks in Bielefeld? High quality of life, which is made up of many factors, such as Teuto, lots of green, an optimal mix of urban and rural surroundings and a pleasant calm. Further strengths are a strong economy as well as the educational and scientific landscape. In short: you can live really well here! January 19, 4 p.m., lecture hall of the Kunsthalle

7 Advertisement Musik Kontor Herford World stars, old hands and young lions What do Sting's right-hand man, guitarist Dominic Miller, Holland's success- WE PRESENT /// PROGRAM SPRING 2018 AUDIODELIKATESSEN richest music export Candy Dulfer and Scandinavia's jazz figurehead Silje Nergaard in common? The answer: In the new season you will all be at Musik Kontor Herford e.v. on. In the living room of the Schiller Bar-Lounge, music greats of many genres will be back in hand until June 2018. The varied program is funky, chansonic or piano-jazzy. By the way, the self-appointed clerks have also launched a new series for the new season: Kontor concertante. Here the magic of the piano trio is honored. There are two concerts in this series: The Pablo Held and the Tingvall Trio will put the concert grand in the center of the Sunday evenings. With the German-speaking chanson and jazz interpreter Pe Werner, a performer with wit, heart and a big voice comes to the Schiller. Long-time Prince bassist Ida Nielsen travels from Denmark with her funk formation. Candy Dulfer should be JANUARY 27 /// PIMPY PANDA Forum Marta Herford MARCH 3 /// SILJE NERGAARD ​​MARCH 24 Dominic Miller FEBRUARY 10 /// PE WERNER MARCH 17 /// IDA NIELSEN APRIL 11 24. FEBRUARY /// MIU MARCH 18 /// PABLO HELD TRIO APRIL 21 /// MF ROBOTS /// CANDY DULFER /// SOULOUNGE APRIL 28 MAY 10 /// DOMINIC MILLER Sting's right hand Silje Nergaard Lounge to the dance floor become. This also applies to the new formation M.F. Robots by former Brand New Heavies drummer Jan Kincaid. And if you don't get moving at Candy Dulfer, you can't help anyway. Candy has also been with Prince many times. Her world hit Lily Pe Werner was here with Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) is an evergreen. Thrilling performances can also be expected from the Pimpy Panda projects, a multinational troop with a core in the region, and from the voice forge Soulounge. The people of Hamburg pushed the careers of musicians like Johannes Oerding, Joy Ogunmaki and Roger Cicero. Finally back with a new album is the great singer and trumpeter Jeff Cascaro. The series will come to an end in June with Blue Note boss Ansgar Specht. He has the excellent saxophonist Tony Lakatos and the wonderful Hammond player John Hondorp with him. Musik Kontor's tip is: choose a concert, buy tickets and be there live when the time comes again: big names in an intimate setting. /// JEFF CASCARO /// TINGVALL TRIO MAY 2018 * * in preparation June 9th /// ANSGAR SPECHT & the Hammond Jazz Collective feat. Tony Lakatos The concerts will take place in the Schiller Bar-Lounge, Kurfürstenstrasse 2, Herford. Tickets at all known advance booking offices. January 2018 Bielefeld 7

8 lll lllll people in Bielefeld Everything on mulled wine Christmas market It was cold enough so that the mulled wine not only tasted good, but also warmed it. Our photographer did his round and got a couple of happy red noses in front of the lens: On the Süsterplatz near Radio Bielefeld he met the rustic soul man Steve Haggerty 1 shortly before the performance. For his part, he was very enthusiastic about Kathrin Horstkötter's 2 voice, who appeared with guitarist Christian Burk 2 as Beauty & the Beard, presented by RaBi reporter Bettina Wittemeier 2, whose chic hat was definitely not for sale! Franziska Franzi Schütz 3 and Dirk Sluyter 3 cranked it up at their stand.Everything for a good cause, including the Lichtblicke campaign, of course! Then we went to the Christmas market, where our photographer at the Lions booth, Prof. Dr. Eckard Hamelmann 4, chief physician of the children's clinic at the EvKB, and Prof. Dr. Werner Bader 4, Head of Gynecology at the Bielefeld Clinic, met in a great mulled wine mood. Kathrin Oberwelland 5 and Thomas Bretz 5, species-appropriate agency boss André Mielitz 6 with Heike Schönfeld 6 from the Detmold district government and the dairymen Vespa and Arminia fans Andrea and Andreas Kimpel 6 were also in a good mood Brewery, but not without first shooting down boss Regine Tönsing 7 with her favorite waiters Pagheer 7 and Ravi 7! Ambassador Bielefeld January 2018 For their special commitment to the Bielefeld conference location, the Bielefeld Convention branch network recently paid tribute to the Bielefelder Gesellschaft für Wohnen und Immobiliendienstleistungen mbh (BGW) and the personnel service provider Piening GmbH as congress ambassadors in the Légère Hotel, BGW boss Sabine Kubitza 1 and PieningBoss Holger Piening 1 receives the award. As an ambassador of the Rotary Club Bielefeld-Waldhof, President Konrad Delius 2 made a generous donation of euros shortly before Christmas for the Bielefeld Medical Advice Center against Neglect and Abuse of Children e.v. to director Barbara Brune 2 and Megan Böllhoff 2, chairwoman of the friends' association. As an ambassador for good taste, the Westphalian Enjoyment Initiative promotes regional cuisine. The newly elected board of directors of the association, whose business is conducted by Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger 3 (2nd from left) from Bielefeld, includes Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers 3 as cash auditor, treasurer Wolfgang Sckeide 3, sponsor spokesman Maik Ramforth-Wüllner 3, president Albert Detmers 3 as well as vice-president Max Stroetmann 3 and the Dortmund restaurateur Günter Overkamp 3. He became known not least as the angel ambassador of the children stroke aid by Liz Mohn. What is less well known is that the Bielefeld artist Antonio Ugia 4 also organizes art workshops, as was recently the case at the DRK's PIA youth club. Head Christiane HollenbergSchüttler 4 and the children were so enthusiastic that repetition is a must! Photos: Willibald A. Bernert, Christian Ludewig, Patrick Piecha, Bielefeld Marketing, Westphalian Enjoyment e.v., private good for Bielefeld

9 In the midst of us lights Until recently, Ines Kurenbach 2 played as Caro Kasper in the RTL soap Unter Uns. Now she lured a lot of ex-colleagues to Bielefeld for the opening of the Rewe-Center Q of her partner Rainer Quermann on Babenhauser Straße: In addition to Stefan Bockelmann 1, who presented his book Alles ist unter uns Mein Leben with the daily soap, Patrick Müller 2, Luca Maric 2, Lukas Piloty 2, Timothy Boldt 2, Astrid Lebertim 2 and Jens Hajek 2. The designers Bastian Demmer 3 and J.-Oliver Bahr 3 are also familiar with large lights: They convert lanterns into seats. Shortly before Christmas, they presented their new Bielefeld stool to Kati Bölefahr-Behrends 3 from Bielefeld Marketing. As a shining example, editorial team 4 of the TV format Begin Your Integration on channel 21 has now also received the integration award from the city of Bielefeld! Other award winners: Bielefeld United, Social Pastor Matthias Blomeier and the Ostmannturmviertel Round Table. For over 50 years Udo Lummer 5 and Paul Gerhard Lange 5 have been on stage with various bands; Now the two older men and their duo Loopahead received the German Rock & Pop Award for Best Experimental Band We are speechless and congratulate! 1 We wish all of our readers a happy and prosperous New Year. 2 3 The city's illustrated magazine 4 5 January 2018 Bielefelder 9

10 lll lllll City life Velvet paws documentary Von Menschen und Katzen Lighthouse project for Bielefeld WissensWerkStadt The exchange between science and urban society shapes the climate of a city: In Bielefeld, plans are currently underway for a project with which the university city could stand out nationwide. Under the title WissensWerkStadt Bielefeld, Bielefeld Marketing is developing the concept for an innovative, low-threshold meeting center in the former city library on Wilhelmstrasse. Citizens will have the opportunity to contribute their ideas and wishes for the WissensWerkStadt Bielefeld, emphasized Mayor Clausen. The topic of science should come to life for a broader public. Even during the planning phase, the people of Bielefeld can get an impression of the premises and take part in workshops. Kedi has already impressed people in the cinema. Thousands of cats roam the streets of Istanbul every day. They don't belong to anyone and yet they are an integral part of society. They live freely and independently in the midst of people, give them peace and joy, but never allow themselves to be owned. Ceyda Torun's fascinating documentary accompanies seven of them through everyday life. The camera follows them through lively markets, sunny alleys, harbors and over the roofs of the city and captures their special relationship with the people whose lives they have a lasting influence. A very special film not only for cat fans! We are giving away 3 Blue-rays. Keyword KultKatzen up to by postcard to the Tips-Verlag, editorial office BIELEFELDER, Goldstr, Bielefeld or by to a climate-friendly city Whether species protection or energy saving, whether CO2 reduction by cycling or planting trees Climate protection can be child's play. Anyone who would like to help protect Bielefeld's nature, reduce CO2 emissions or strengthen species protection with their project can still apply for the BieleFriends Award from Stadtwerke Bielefeld Group. From will be voted publicly. The ten projects with the most votes each receive a grant of euros. Andreas Ritzko (52) driver at the environmental company native of Bielefeld I have been working as a driver at UWB for 32 years. At the New Year, when the Bielefeld people throw their Christmas trees out of the house, I am responsible for the disposal. As a team leader, I receive the orders in the morning and pass them on to my team. Around January 6th, we have to take care of around 50 collection points, with the schools first. If we make good progress, we can create up to 20 contact points a day. What I like about Bielefeld is that although it is a big city, it still remains very green. I like to be from Bielefeld, I don't want to live anywhere else. BIELEFELDER in profile 10 Bielefeld January 2018 BIELEFELDER online Question of the month What would you like Bielefeld 2018? Car-free Jahnplatz! Arminia rises! The Untersee becomes reality! Vote by evaluating the question of the month of December: Finally Loom! Been shopping? Sure, of course! Great selection! 30% The consumption frenzy is annoying! 38% I prefer to buy from retailers! 32% like: BIELEFELDER The city's illustrated magazine on Facebook - we're giving away two free tickets to the CinemaxX among everyone who clicks the BIELEFELDER like button in January! Photos: Corinna Bokermann, David Drepper, Bielefeld Marketing / Sarah Jonek BieleFriends Award

11 aufwind - Student Scholarship of the Bielefelder Bürgerstiftung Discovering and promoting potential The Aufwind project of the Bielefelder Bürgerstiftung is very important to him personally. As a teacher, I know that school has its limits. This is where the Bielefeld student scholarship comes in. It supports committed young people who need help due to their family and social situation, explains Maik Paulini, who is firmly rooted in Bielefeld as deputy head of the publisher Friedrich Flöttmann and project manager Maik Paulini Luisenschule and has been running the project for a year. Our goal is to enable participation and to specifically close gaps in the social network, emphasizes Maik Paulini. On the way to the Abitur as well as in dual training or studying. The Bielefelder Bürgerstiftung project, which was launched in 2012, is aimed at pupils from Bielefeld secondary schools, secondary schools, comprehensive schools as well as grammar schools and vocational colleges in grades 10 to 13. To receive support, they have to apply to us, explains the Project manager the procedure. In addition to good grades, a letter of recommendation from the school principal or the trusted teacher should certify the potential. Five pupils, each with a sponsor, bene fi t from the project every year. In addition to financial benefits, it also includes a wide range of extracurricular offers. Aufwind is a network in which a wide variety of local actors are involved, emphasizes Maik Paulini with a view to partners such as Bielefeld University, the Goldbeck Foundation, the city and numerous Bielefeld companies. In addition to financial support, education money flows for basic PC equipment, among other things, as well as individual and non-material support. For example, we support scholarship holders musically, artistically or culturally, explains Maik Paulini. In addition, workshops on various topics complement the offer. Schoolchildren can apply for an upwind scholarship until Easter. We are still looking for sponsors. (C.B.) As part of its 40th anniversary, the Tips Verlag donates to associations and projects that support children and young people to the Bielefelder Bürgerstiftung for the Aufwind project. It supports students who, due to their family or social situation, have additional needs to develop their potential. Donation account: Bielefelder Bürgerstiftung; Purpose: Projekt aufwind; Sparkasse Bielefeld; IBAN: DE Paddling, surfing, booking a vacation: Off to boot Düsseldorf! From January it will be time to try out and participate again at the world's largest water sports fair: because action is offered here for everyone! Those who like to dive should start the day with an introductory diving course. The next step is beginner sailing or a canoe trip on the 90 m long river. And if you want to look forward to next summer, book one of the great maritime holiday offers in Hall 13! Our highlight 2018: Conquer the only deepwater wave at a water sports fair in Hall 8a! More information on this at Tip: There are discounted tickets and many other advantages at Simply register for free at and save money! Visit boot Düsseldorf from Das Ht: ighlig AVeE THieEstW ehend e av D ater-w Deepw lle 8a in Ha lub uf boot.c Simply register as n and bare! Save money

12 lll lllll City life Bielefeld in the new year Outlook 2018 The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said you shouldn't want to foresee the future, but make it possible In some respects it is still nice to know what's in store for you in the new year! Our colleague Renée Trippler asked what was in store for Bielefeld in 2018. Municipal fees The fees for seasonal organic bins will be around 3 euros (120 liters) and 6 euros (240 liters) more expensive, while the fees for waste water discharge will be 4 cents per cubic meter lower, and those for rainwater will increase by 4 cents. The finance committee decided. Electricity will be cheaper The electricity prices of the municipal utilities are to fall in 2018 for private customers by how much, depends on the tariff. The Kunsthalle Bielefeld celebrates its 50th anniversary! The building designed by Philip Johnson is in urgent need of renovation, especially the roof and technology. There is still a lack of donors to implement the modernization, but the city has already announced a financial plan from 2021. The municipal real estate service company (ISB) estimates the costs at ten million euros. At the turn of the year, the Bielefeld Theater was to take over responsibility for finance and human resources as well as the artistic direction of the Rudolf-Oetker-Halle and make it the Bielefeld concert hall. The theater had presented an exciting concept for this. How this should be financed was still unclear at the time of going to press. Show highlight Free travel! Rock legend Bob Dylan is coming to Germany for six concerts in 2018 for one even to Bielefeld! The winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature appears in the Seidensticker Halle on April 21st, the new section of the A33 between Bielefeld and Steinhagen should finally be opened to traffic! The Ringlokschuppen lives on Lokschuppen Event GmbH, a sister company of fast4ward GmbH around Sascha Berge and Marcel Lossie, wants to expand the concert operations of the insolvent Ringlokschuppen in 2018. A modernization or renewal of the ailing floor is planned for summer 2018. Football World Cup 2018 In summer Bielefeld is in football fever! The company Asko Außenwerbeanlagen would like to organize a public viewing on the new 25 square meter billboard at the corner of Friedrich-Verleger Str./Herforder Str. At the 2018 World Cup at Jahnplatz. The wall is marketed by the Dornberg company Kubi Systems. A public viewing option at Kesselbrink is also under discussion. It has not yet been decided whether and where they can join in the competition, but the game plan has already been made: The first round for the Germans will start in the preliminary round for the Germans on June 17th at 5:00 p.m. in Moscow against Mexico. The following games with German participation will take place on June 23rd at 8:00 pm and on June 27th at 4:00 pm. 12 Bielefeld January 2018 Bielefeld Campus Innovation Center The BGW (Bielefelder Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft mbh) is building the Bielefeld Campus Innovation Center in close proximity to the university and the FH. Here, technology-oriented and knowledge-intensive start-ups and already established companies can rent offices, laboratories, workshops and conference rooms on a total area of ​​square meters. Even founders and companies that do not come from Bielefeld universities can then rent rooms close to the research disciplines that are relevant to them. Construction sites All good things come in threes! The Voltmannstrasse and Beckhausstrasse construction sites will be completed in April. In addition, the first construction phase of the Heeper Straße sewer renewal will be completed in May. Unfortunately, traffic and road structures are never finally finished. From summer onwards, Deutsche Bahn will renovate three railway bridges, namely the Schillerstrasse, Schildescher Strasse and Vonder-Recke-Strasse. As a result, only two tracks will be passable to and from Bielefeld instead of four, and many regional trains will temporarily no longer be able to use the main station. Motorists also have to be prepared for diversions. By the way: Bankhaus Lampe on Alter Markt is not due to be finished until 2019. Photos: Stefanie Gomoll, Bielefeld Marketing Kunsthalle & Rudolf-Oetker-Halle

13 Stiftung der Sparkasse Bielefeld Less funding in the New Year Night trip or bear enclosure? Sport or Social? Which projects are worth more or more important than others? Which ones will continue to receive funding in 2018, which ones will not? Decisions that are just as difficult as delivering bad news. We had to talk to a lot of people. If funding is canceled, it does not generate any enthusiasm and we are not happy about it, emphasizes Christoph Kaleschke. But when the interest rate has hit a record low, it affects not only private investors or insurance companies, but also foundations such as the Sparkasse Bielefeld. Foundations are designed to last forever, explains the head of corporate communications at Sparkasse Bielefeld. The capital is to be preserved, the interest is used for funding. In times when there is no interest, it becomes difficult to continue funding projects to the same extent. Our income will be halved by 2019/20. Christoph Kaleschke and Rahel Neufeld One of the prominent Bielefeld victims of the current interest rate policy of the European Central Bank is the night trip of the independent theater, which no longer receives funding. However, individual productions by the independent theater will continue to be funded with a total of euros. We care about the night trip, but we had to make decisions, says Rahel Neufeld from Corporate Communications. Because the foundation's cultural focus has always been great, cuts in this area are particularly noticeable. In fact, almost all other funding priorities such as nature, environmental protection, sport and social affairs are also affected. For example, the learning server, a project to promote writing at schools in Bielefeld, no longer receives funding. Since the Sparkassenstiftung was founded in 1990, around 17 million euros have been distributed to projects in Bielefeld. It was and is not always about permanent funding. We also see ourselves as facilitators and hope that projects will look to other donors in the long term, says Christoph Kaleschke. The clear losers, however, include all those who rely on funding in the future, because the foundation is currently not accepting any new projects. We hope that Mr. Draghi will soon take the curve and have bottomed out, sums up Christoph Kaleschke. It is sad and a shame for the common good that interest rate policy means that many foundations can barely fulfill their purpose. (S.G.) Further training, qualification and thus remaining a sought-after specialist. January 2018 Bielefeld 13

14 8 City life READ MORE UNDER the city The illustrated magazine presents: On the ears In Bielefeld with friends Wladimir Kaminer The inventor of the Russian disco tells some things that I know about my wife in his current book. With this, Wladimir Kaminer is coming on January 19th on a reading tour to the roundhouse presented by BIELEFELDER. And then from around 11 p.m. he changes to the forum behind the turntables.Our colleague Marlen Roovers spoke to the likeable author in advance. The reader likes it but what does your wife think about it? Does she recognize herself again? Outwardly, she pretends to sacrifice herself for my tour. But the truth is, I think she's happy. Actually, I never wanted to write a whole book about a single person, I just wanted to illuminate the essence of women, so a song of praise to women. Explain that only women can save the world because they can create order out of any chaos without changing anything in it and that only through their presence. Of course, this order only holds as long as the woman is there. Otherwise it will fall into each other again. And I took my wife as an example, as a guinea pig. It would be bad if I wrote something bad, but I'm not doing that. Was your wife allowed to read the stories before the book was published? Those are your stories, she told them! The emotions may have come from me, but the content came from her. At certain points, however, she wanted to have a few details changed. For example, I wrote about black bed linen, but she wanted me to make red sheets because they supposedly were really red. It was a terrible blanket, much too smooth, you couldn't sleep under it. That's probably why I forgot it (laughs). 14 Bielefeld January 2018 New CDs from the region, part 1 How long have you been collecting stories like this for a new book? Depends on the book. When I write it about a certain person, I can't foresee it. New stories are created over and over again. Depending on how much happens, the book then grows. The new book is about cruises. I was supposed to give readings on the AIDA and was invited. I was incredibly fascinated by the atmosphere there, the mixture of the end of the world and partying. We were in the Caribbean, people were stunned by the election of Trump and said they could better stay right on the ship. But at the same time they sing and dance all night long and drink to the world as it once was! You then give the Russian disco after your reading in the roundhouse in the forum. Do you have time to look around Bielefeld? In every city I look at everything that interests me. I also always know the swimming pool and the football stadium! And I still have the time to go to the swimming pool at the train station. Both clubs in Bielefeld are very great, the joy of the people is touching. In Bielefeld, it's always like I'm with friends and not at work! The musicians have been hardworking last year and accordingly it is raining profusely from sound foils of various styles. So lavish, by the way, that we are bringing our little record round into two parts! Let's start with Stefan Just, who has already released Roots for the second time within a year. As the front man of the band Hallway, whose opulent classic rock always excels through buttery cream keyboards, he has settled the six songs of the EP much more down to earth, rockier, more varied. The opener New York 54 starts off well, and the good song lyrics are also noticeable. If you want to convince yourself of the new rock qualities: On January 13th, Stefan Just will play live at Spökes in Schildesche. This is also the second living room of the blues greyhound George a.k.a. Jürgen Schildmann, who regularly organizes his Blue Monday session there with guests. In January, however, he and his Washboard Band are in Memphis / Tennessee to take part in the international Blues Challenge. Before that he recorded an album with the guys. On Street Corner Blues, old and new greyhound songs unfold the shu ffl e quality of a steam locomotive, supported by washboard and harp. Last but not least, something completely different: at the end of the 1970s, punk also found its way into the East Westphalian province. With Notdurft a formative band emerged, whose first LP still enjoys cult status today. 35 years later, four initiators start a crowdfunding project: 17 bands want to cover songs by Notdurft and bring them out on a vinyl LP, including well-known local greats such as Brausepöter, the Caminos, Uschi Obermaier Experience, The Dukes Of Hamburg and others. Numerous original goodies are waiting for hopefully generous donors. If you want to support the punk revival, click on and find all the relevant information there. (H.O.) To be continued! Photos: Boris Breuer, Promotion lll lllll

15 Award 2018 to all environmental and climate protectors! 10 x winnings Register now, describe the project and win. The BieleFriends Award honors initiatives, schools and associations that contribute to environmental and climate protection in Bielefeld. Information and application at: Application period: Voting phase: Award ceremony: March 2018 a

16 City life A spark of hope in her luggage Escape from Afghanistan At 1.60 meters, Mursal * is almost drowned in the crowd, but her radiant smile is noticeable from afar. The lively 20-year-old comes up to me on Klosterplatz and gives me a warm hug. The young woman has been living in Germany for two years. Over coffee, she tells me her story. Mursal had a good life in Afghanistan. She lived with her six siblings, parents and grandparents in a modern house, had friends and went to school. At the time, no one had any idea what a hell of a trip the future held. Her father is a lawyer, her grandfather is a general and politician. The family of nine was not doing badly. The young girl has a mind of her own, tries to lead an independent life. Her grandfather had always supported her in everything and was proud of his independent granddaughter. But because she receives more contempt than support from her parents, a world collapses for the young girl when her grandfather dies at the proud age of 102. When their father is persecuted and threatened, they flee to India. We lived with the whole family in a one-room apartment in New Delhi for two months. The city is huge, loud and dirty. I was harassed by men and lived in great fear, says Mursal. They return to Kabul after two months, but the situation is not getting any better. Thereupon 16 Bielefeld January 2018 the family decided to flee to Europe. Mursal tells me about her emotional chaos, about the sadness of having to leave friends and friends behind, about the fear of the future and of her dominant father. The family flies from Kabul to Turkey and sets off for Greece in an overcrowded rubber dinghy. Mursal reports how she held her 2-year-old sister in her arms, trembling, and prayed that they would survive the ride. The Greek coast guard rescues her from drowning and puts her in prison for 13 days. Mursal remembers the unbearable noise level, the stench and the much too small cell with two beds. Her little sister is seriously ill, cries, vomits, and is in shock. Because of her, however, we were often spared and let us go. I am amazed how calmly and openly she tells me her story without losing the sparkle in her eyes. Her cheerfulness, which she has retained despite everything, is admirable. From Thessaloniki the family heads north. The young woman's hands and feet are covered with scars since she walked and tied on secret routes through Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary for two months, at night, in the rain and cold. The constant fear of being caught, the fear of her father, the fear of death plagued the girl every single day. Despite her painful past, Mursal sits in front of me with a smile. I know that I am strong and my spark of hope in my luggage saved my life! The family got from Budapest to Passau with a Romanian smuggler. 47 people sit in a confined space for eleven hours, without food, water, and hardly any air to breathe. I had to curl up my already battered body as small as possible, recalls Mursal. Arrived in Passau, a police officer opens the doors. Mursal tells how she burst into tears with relief, gasped for oxygen and slumped in the arms of the helpers. The newcomers are provided with medicine, clothing and food. From a refugee camp in Passau it goes to Steinhagen. The family has lived here in one house for around two years. However, Mursal is drawn to Bielefeld. The now 20-year-old is learning German, making friends and taking care of an apprenticeship in a dental practice in Schildesche. She is now looking for an apartment in Bielefeld. Integration in a foreign country is not easy, but the people here in Germany are very helpful. You just have to be willing to accept this help. She proudly shows me her passport. She laughs and complains about her photo just like any other young person in the world. She has had a residence permit since 2017 and no longer needs to fear deportation. The greatest wish I still have now is that my friend comes to Germany unharmed! The young Mursal has taken a difficult journey. But it shows that you can make it as a refugee in a foreign country. Whoever fights for it can live a full life! At 20, she talks about her past like an old lady, wise and grown up. * Name changed Loreen Tischler (24) is the author of this report. She studies invitation and event management at the HS Osnabrück, Campus Lingen. In autumn she completed an internship in the BIELEFELDER editorial team. She is committed to refugees and got to know Mursal in the process. Photos: Stefanie Gomoll lll lllll

17 Photo concept The renovation begins help us! Markus Hinker All the animals are still there The barrier-free renovation of the new refuge begins and every donation helps! Inventory in Olderdissen Anyone who can count to two has already recorded the current population of bears in Olderdissen. It should be more difficult with the mice. They bustle around so cheerfully that even Markus Hinker doesn't know their exact number. I would only have more to do if I wanted to count the 2.5 kg package of mealworms, jokes the master zoo. But apart from the small rodents, which, like the carp, are kept in the ponds as a collective stock of 60 or 10 animals, he knows the stock exactly every day of the year. The inventory in Olderdissen is therefore less spectacular than lay people imagine. We would be bad animal keepers if we didn't know how many animals we have in the enclosure, emphasizes Markus Hinker, who has been working in Olderdissen for ten years. After all, the main animal keeper needs a precise overview if only to be able to calculate the amount of feed. A report is sent to me every day, because an animal can always die or be added through birth. I then write that in our animal file on the PC and am always up to date. This can change quickly, by the way. While there were just 90 species of which 38 mammals, 3 fish and 49 bird species and a total of 526 animals, Markus Hinker can currently correct the number upwards. There was a surprise this morning. We had already noticed that a wild boar was extremely voluminous in body size and today the newcomers were there. Other data such as state of health, age or weight are also not specifically collected for the inventory, but when it arises. When we care for the claws of the ibex, we take the opportunity to also measure the length of the horns. A growth ring is often visible, but the horn has not gotten any longer because the tip wears off, says Markus Hinker. In general, every animal keeper always has an eye on whether the animals are healthy. For example, we look to see whether an animal is growing too quickly or too slowly, because that can indicate diseases. And we need the exact body weight when medication or anesthesia is due. In the end, a donkey mare had to regularly go to the cattle cart because she had become very thin after the birth of her foal. However, the inventory in Olderdissen is significantly more time-consuming than with the animals. From oats, corn and straw to machines and tools. And counting screws or postcards in the exhibition is actually milk like a mouse. (S.G.) Paula Kalenberg actress from Bielefeld Sponsored advertisement and completely free of charge for the girls' house DONATION ACCOUNT: Förderverein Mädchenhaus Bielefeld e.v. Keyword: Refuge IBAN: DE BIC: SPBIDE3BXXX, Sparkasse Bielefeld January 2018 Bielefelder 17