Can we block another bank account?

Account lockout - what you need to consider now

The most important thing about account blocking

Who can block an account?

An account can be blocked on the initiative of the bank, due to a garnishment or by the account holder himself.

What are the reasons for an account being blocked?

A seizure, unusual account activities, incorrect PIN entry, account overdraft, loss or theft of the debit card - all of these can be reasons for the account to be blocked.

What are the consequences of cotonization?

Blocking an account can have serious consequences because, on the one hand, a blocked account can reduce a person's creditworthiness and, on the other hand, they no longer have any money at their disposal, so that they can no longer meet their payment obligations.

When is an account blocked?

Becomes a Blocked account, the account holder can no longer access this access. The reasons for an account lock diverse be. Became yours Debit card stolen or is in some other way lost gone, you can own yours lock account to let.

For example, if an account holder has debts and is unable to pay them, an attachment can be ordered. Also the Bank yourself can create an account with Overdraft or at suspicious activity have it blocked. Is the reason for account blocking not obvious, you should definitely get your Contact the bank.

But why exactly the account is opened at the initiative of Bank or at one Garnishment blocked? What are the consequences and how can i lock an account pick up again? Can actually be a P account blocked become? You will find out all of this below.

Consequences of an account suspension

A blocked account is primarily used to episodethat you don't spend any more money can. That means you can neither Withdraw cash still Transfers do and also Direct debit as well as the execution of Standing orders are discontinued. Yours too Creditworthinesscan worsen through a blocked account if this leads to a negative SCHUFA-entry comes.

How long can an account be blocked?? As a rule, an account remains blocked until the UFixed the cause of the account being blocked has been. At Debt and a subsequent garnishment, the account will be blocked until the settled outstanding debts were. If the account is opened at the initiative of Bank blocked, the account will be unblocked once you have contacted them and that problem underlying the lock was eliminated.

Account blocking by the bank: when can the bank block my account?

For example, do you have one at the bank credit completed and pay the Loan installments not timely, this can lead to the Bank Your account is blocked. Even with one unauthorized overdraft an account lock is possible.

For one, this may be the case if you have an account with Overdraft facility have. Here is a certain Overdrafts set. On the other hand, an account can also be used without overdraft facility be coated. In both cases, an account can be blocked, i.e. if an account holder has the Overdraft facility overdraft or his account without an overdraft facility without permission covers. If an overdraft is not planned, the bank can do so unsettle. She will therefore activities initiate.

Even with one Wrong PIN entered at the machine or at unusual account movements can it become a Account suspension come. Will for example Withdrawing an extraordinary amount of money in a very short timeIn this case, the bank could assume that your debit card is in use stolen and the account is therefore blocked.

How can I have my account blocked myself?? Became your debit card stolen or got lost in some other way, you should do it as soon as possible contact your bank and the access have your account blocked.

Account blocked due to garnishment: what now?

The attachment of an account is a form of foreclosure. Can a person be their Don't pay any more debts, the creditor can use the attachment of his / her account as a means to get his / her requirements but still to to satisfy. After a dunning procedure has been carried out and the debtor has received a dunning notice, the obligee can do one Enforcement order as enforcement order apply to a court.

To a Attachment of accounts as a form of foreclosure to obtain, the competent court must here one Attachment and transfer order enact. The debtor and its Bank are then sent via the impending attachment informed. If the account is blocked for the purpose of garnishment, the account holder no longer has access to their credit balance. Instead, this will be sent to the creditor transferred who enforced the attachment. Attachment of account: How long will my account be blocked? If your account has been blocked due to garnishment, only one can Paying off the debts unlock the account.

Accessing the account despite the account being blocked: is that possible?

In order to avoidthat you all money seized If an account is imminent, those affected can transfer their existing account to a seizure protectionaccount (P account) convert let or a set up a new P-account to let. You can set up this account with your Apply for a bank and they are required by law to do so for you within four days to put on.

On this account will then a basic allowance of at least 1,133.80 euros per month is protected. You can then freely dispose of this amount, for example Cost of living cover. Withdrawals, transfers and also direct debits are in this type of account possible despite attachment. Everything that Exceeds exemption, however pledged and transferred to the creditor.

However, you should note that with a announced garnishment in this regard acted quickly and the P account must be set up on time. But: Allowances can also apply retrospectivelywhen the P account within four weeks is created after the attachment order. So it can Reclaimed money be that already attached has been.

Account blocked despite P-account: is that possible?

If there is a Account blocked despite P-account, it may be because several seizure protection accounts have been established. That way one can higher amount be protected from attachment, since then on each account Basic tax allowance must remain untouched by creditors. However, this practice is not allowedas everyone just a P account can own.

Incidentally, it is not permitted to use the P account as a Joint account to lead, that is, it may only be in the name of one person to run. Fly in Breaking the rules on, can actually be a Blocking of the P account respectively.

Account blocked by the tax office

Do you have Debt to the tax office, can the expensive and quickly to Blocking the account for the purpose of garnishment to lead. Already a late payment can keep that high Overdue fees attack.

Become Taxes not paid at all, the tax office can also issue a Account suspension for an account attachment. Everything can even go a little faster here, because Authorities like the tax office don't need one first enforcement order apply to the court for a foreclosure to be able to enforce.

Leave that Tax office You should lock your account off your Pay off debts as soon as possible, to again access on her Credit to get.

However, you can too with the tax office in connection put around with this one Repay the debt in installments to negotiate.
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Account lockout - what you need to consider now
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