Celebrate Carnival

Carnival celebration at home - this is how your private celebration will be a hit!

What could be nicer than meeting friends and acquaintances at Carnival time and throwing a crazy party in your own four walls? If you decide to host such a celebration yourself, you can really arrange everything just the way you want. So that you don't overlook anything when planning, we have here an overview of the most important points for your Carnival celebration compiled.

Motto and costumes for the private carnival party

With an artist whose performance fits the motto, your celebration will be a truly unforgettable event!

As a host, you can of course decide whether you want to impose a motto on your guests or whether everyone can dress up as they want. When choosing the motto, you can let your imagination run wild - whether a celebrity party, medieval or animal disguise - the main thing is that everyone enjoys it and makes an effort with their funny costumes. It can be just as fun when everyone wears a different costume and the result is a colorful backdrop of various disguises. You should definitely mention your decision for or against a motto in your invitations, maybe you even want to design the invitation cards accordingly?

So that your theme party is really something very special and stands out from the crowd of other carnival celebrations, we recommend a suitable show act. If you decide on a medieval party, for example, you can achieve an almost real historical ambience with a fire artist in medieval costume or a juggler who entertains your guests - and after all, you want to offer your friends something very special!
Another great idea for a carnival motto is to host the party around a famous band like ABBA or The Beatles. These bands are not only associated with your music, but also with the whole attitude towards life of your time; Hairstyles, costumes and much more. Both the costumes of the guests and the decoration can be tailored to this lifestyle, but the special gag is of course a professional cover band of your favorite stars who play legendary songs in authentic costumes.

The perfect decoration for the carnival celebration

Once the invitations have been sent, it is time to think about the decorations for your party. At a theme party, it should of course also go with it. Make sure that you decorate all the rooms where the celebrations take place in a fun way, but that you don't fill everything up. After all, your guests should have enough space to celebrate and dance. For example, large, brightly colored sheets are a good idea to hang up closets or other areas where you don't want guests to poke around. If you already know that your friends can get a little wilder at times, it might be better to put breakable items away from the start. The classic carnival decoration, which always works well, definitely includes balloons, garlands, fairy lights and streamers in bright colors. They are also cheap to buy and can be easily tidied up after the carnival celebration. Confetti is also a carnival classic, but it will give you some work cleaning up. Otherwise, creative and maybe even homemade carnival decorations give your party the finishing touch.

Snacks, canap├ęs and more

Of course, your guests would like to visit the Carnival celebration also be spoiled with culinary delights. If you want a lot of variety, a buffet is the perfect choice. You can either prepare the food yourself or share it with your guests. Pasta and potato salads, sandwiches, finger food and, in general, everything that can be eaten standing up quickly and without big mess are very popular. Make sure, however, that you coordinate well what the guests should bring with them to eat or drink, otherwise you might end up with 15 potato salads. When it comes to drinking, you probably know best what your guests prefer, but for a carnival party, punch in different colors and flavors is always a good idea.

An exciting program for your party

So that there is a great atmosphere at your carnival party, you should take care of background music and entertaining program items. If you don't just want to insert any CD, you can book a professional for music and entertainment for the party. Particularly suitable for a smaller setting are, for example, solo entertainers or singers who heat up your guests properly even with little space. If you are planning a slightly larger carnival celebration, you can create the ultimate atmosphere with a party and cover band. Great magicians or artists ensure a particularly extraordinary and magical carnival experience. Last but not least, clowns are of course the absolute highlight of every carnival party!

Just browse through our large selection of show artists in your region, you will surely find the perfect show act for your private carnival party. We definitely wish you a lot of fun at your private carnival party!