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Address and labeling of international mail

1. State the address without blank lines in Latin, non-blocked font on the right-hand side in the longitudinal direction (if necessary, add the postcode and the number of the delivery area). If other characters and numbers are used in the country of destination, the address should also be given in this spelling.

Further information can be found at: briefebeschriften

If further information such as the description of the type of shipment, coding symbols or the like is attached, these must be placed above the address.

2. Write the place and country of destination in capital letters and without blank lines directly under the delivery or collection details (e.g. street, house number, PO box details). If possible, indicate the destination in the language of the destination country (e.g. MILANO instead of Milan). The country of destination is generally in the last line of the address and should be given in German, French or English.

3. Affix postage stamps or franking imprints only to the top right corner of the address side (shown here as an example). For items sent by the blind, state "items for the blind / C├ęcogramme" here - in German and French or in the language of the country of destination.

4. Always add complete sender information at the top left (only German sender addresses are permitted). If possible, indicate the country in the language of the country of destination of the shipment (e.g. GERMANIA).

5. Do not forget the note or sticker "PRIORITY / Prioritaire / Airmail". No labeling is required for ECONOMY shipping.

6. Additional service label, if desired


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