Itachi Uchiha was stupid


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I think it's not just because of the "disease".
Susanoo is certainly not completely without risk, is it?
Especially since the user is invincible with Susanoo, the sword of Totsuka and the shield of Yata - something like that must have a gigantic disadvantage.
Especially since Itachi has already lost a lot of chakra, which is also due to this excessive genjutsu and the wounds are certainly not exactly innocent.
Kirin has probably already had its effect, even if it did not occur to the maximum, but was intercepted by Susanoo.
Itachi is said not to be staying much longer because he has an illness.
But I believe the only effect of this disease occurs when a certain period of time has passed.
So it's not like a normal disease that stays with time and the infected person dies with time.
It is a disease that can be determined beforehand, but it has no effects yet, but rather those that occur in a moment.
It wouldn't have mattered if Itachi had won - he could have done anything in the fight against Sasuke, because he would have died later one way or another.
That's why he used Susanoo - it's actually like the theory about the death of the Fourth Hokage:
Several reasons he would have died, which is why it doesn't matter what kind of breakneck arts he does.


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