What are creative writing workshops

For factual and specialist texts with Eva-Maria Lerche

Non-fiction books, adventure guides, specialist articles, blog posts - if we want to convince with our texts, it is worth sharing them with real readers at an early stage. And that's exactly what the text workshop is for. In small groups of three to four participants, we discuss our own texts of around five pages (max. 7500 characters including spaces), which are sent to everyone in advance. With friendly feedback, we look at the strong points, at what makes us curious while reading, and what we may have stumbled upon while reading.

We pursue the questions benevolently and appreciatively: Is it clear what I want to say? Will my message get through to the readers? Are my texts structured in a comprehensible way? Are they understandable, lively, appealing and formulated according to the target group?
In addition, everyone receives qualified written feedback on their texts from the lecturer.

The texts can be drafts as well as largely finished texts. When you register, you will receive a feedback wish list on which you can state what kind of text it is (content and text stage) and, above all, formulate your feedback requests.

We use the meeting tool Zoom. The prerequisite is a stable internet connection and audio / camera on the PC, laptop, etc. You will receive a link to the online meeting in advance, registration for the program is not necessary. For those who are new to zoom, there will be a brief technical introduction from 3:45 p.m.

Additional appointment: Fri, July 2nd, 21, 4–7 p.m.

Incidentally, there is also an intensive text workshop for literary texts with Maike Frie and Katja Angenent, the dates are also on the calendar.

This appointment can no longer be booked