Emotional intelligence How can I practice empathy

Psychologist Myriam Bechtoldt"Emotional intelligence is the Knife, With the man loaf cuts, or the other stands out "

Similar to the IQ test, emotional intelligence can also be measured, says Myriam Bechtoldt. But there are no math or logic tasks, but questions that relate to emotional situations. For example, you have to interpret different facial expressions.

Just as you can learn languages ​​or practice math, you can also train emotional intelligence, the psychologist assures. "That doesn't mean that everyone can be gifted." But improvement is definitely possible.

Are emotional skills more important for a career than classic intelligence?

Research has argued about the importance of emotional intelligence for a career. Myriam Bechtoldt describes the position of psychologist Daniel Goleman from 1995. "It is said that you get into the job with an IQ, but you have a career with emotional intelligence." The best quality for a successful career remains cognitive intelligence, i.e. the ability to solve math problems, says the scientist.

Soft skills, as they are now required for every job advertisement, are still crucial, emphasizes Myriam Bechtoldt. If cognitive intelligence is the prerequisite for a job, says the psychologist, a high level of emotional intelligence is what sets you apart from the other applicants and perhaps even the decisive factor with which you win the race in the end.