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HistoryAdventure, Fantasy / P16 / Gen
KakuzuKiba InuzukaNaruto UzumakiSasuke UchihaShikamaru NaraYahiko / Pain
Naruto arrives at a new school - a school for "weirdos," he is told. From then on it is clear to him that he is being put in a folding mill for hopeless cases. The fortress-like building, the high walls around it and the huge remote area far from the beaten track only confirm it. Even his first few minutes there make him doubt his sanity. A guy with a huge dog in the hallway, a director who seems to be able to read his mind, a two-tone boy who just sprouts from the ground like a snowdrop, a vampire who doesn't seem to like blood packets - and to top it all, this strange class of older students, of whose existence nobody wants to know anything ... what else is the Shippuuden hiding? Find out here
HistoryAdventure, Friendship / P12 / Gen
Kakashi HatakeOC (Own Character)
The story is about a girl named Ayumi Kamiki, who grows up with three men in the forest. All three teach her a lot, the oldest of them found her one day in the forest. She was dirty and had no shoes on, he took her with him and she stayed with the three of them from then on. As long as she could remember she wanted to be a ninja, so she started training when she was three and was very good. You could call her an exceptional talent when it comes to tai-jutsu and chakara control. In the story I write about her path to becoming a ninja and how she can cope on her own.
HistoryRomance, Friendship / P16 / Het
Iruka UminoItachi UchihaKakashi HatakeNaruto UzumakiOC (Own Character) Sasuke Uchiha
The blood of two clans runs through my veins. Something that very few people and nobody is allowed to know. Maybe because it is the blood of two of the most powerful clans here. Okay, there is no longer one. And the other one doesn't even know about my existence or said that her blood flows through my veins. Which means as much as I am the clanless. At least some say that who don't know the truth and it hurts. But I don't want to be that anymore. I want to prove that I can do more and restore the honor of my clan. But that's not as easy as I thought.
HistoryDrama, Romance / P16 / Het
Naruto UzumakiSakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha
Sometimes you have to deal with your past in the present in order to start happily in the future. -Reallife Fiction- ~ * ~ SasuSaku ~ * ~
HistoryGeneral / P16 / Het
Sakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha
Sakura and her friends Ino, Temari and Hinata were expecting a quiet, monotonous school year, but the girls had done their math without a group of boys that included ER.
HistoryAdventure, Drama / P12 / Gen
Naruto UzumakiSasuke Uchiha
The story begins after the battle between Sasuke and Naruto and the defeat of Kaguya. How will the world of shinobi develop? How did the war affect people? And what traces did he leave on the two heroes? And why does nobody notice the impending disaster?
HistoryFantasy, Erotic / P18 / Het
Fugaku UchihaIno YamanakaItachi UchihaMikoto UchihaSakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha
Sakura experiences firsthand what a simple camping trip and a wrongly chosen hiking trail in the mountains can have on your own life and that of your best friend. Your life is suddenly upside down. She would never have dreamed that beings live among people who are so similar to them and yet completely different. One of these beings seems to be after her, but why? And then there's this handsome man who turns her head like no one has ever done before.
History drama, friendship / P16 / Gen
Hiruzen SarutobiItachi UchihaKakashi HatakeOC (Own Character) Sasuke Uchiha
During a Konoha Police mission, Fugaku Uchiha's unit finds an abandoned baby in a cave. When Fugaku brings it to Sandaime Hokage, they start looking for the parents. After months of searching for the baby's parents and looking for interested adoptive parents, Hiruzen and Biwako decide to take this baby in. They called it Minku. In the academy, Minku seems like a hopeless case. With the help of Itachi Uchiha, with whom he befriends very well, he manages to become a strong Jonin, who is also trained as a medicine ninja by the best medicine kunoichi - Tsunade.
History Parody / P16 / Gen
Itachi UchihaKakashi HatakeNaruto UzumakiSakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha
Our talented handsome Sasuke made a mistake and turned into a toddler. Because he stays that way for now and is too embarrassed to tell the truth, he walks through Konoha as the younger version of himself. Since a child is not allowed to do this alone, he of course needs a babysitter. And Sasuke has to realize that it's not that great when you're a child and nobody respects you.
History drama, fear / P16 / Het
Kakashi HatakeNaruto UzumakiSakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha
What is your biggest fear? // A shinobi knows no fear. His life only serves to protect the village, like a mindless puppet obeying orders. They face their opponents with confidence and fearlessness, always ready to sacrifice their lives for the mission. But sometimes there are powers that are stronger than years of self-control. // Team 7 embarks on a mission into the ground to meet an enemy who can see inside their hearts. [SasuxSaku]
StoryHumor, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Itachi UchihaKakashi HatakeKisame HoshigakiSasuke UchihaYamato (Tenzo)
Actually, Sasuke is completely satisfied with his life. He likes his job as an accountant, lives in his small house on his brother's property not far from a sleepy town and enjoys the peace and quiet that he really deserves after his last chaotic relationship. Until ... Yes, until one day he makes a surprising find. [Modern AU] [ItachixKisame] [SasukexYamato / Tenzo]
History of love / P16 / Het
Misaki runs through the desert, on the run from a being that she thought only existed in legends. Gaara and Kankuro are on the hunt and smell their blood. When the two arrive at Misaki, she has already collapsed and turns into a vampire. Gaara and Kankuro want to take her with them when a woman appears in front of them who calls herself the mother of the vampires and who is out for war. Knowing that the vampires they know won't be enough, Gaara and Kankuro turn to other vampires and form an alliance to defend their way of living, and during all the preparations Misaki and Gaara feel more and more drawn to each other. (Gaara x Oc) Stories belonging to this world: A Thousand Years & The Scent of the Past
Short storyHumor, love story / P18 / MaleSlash
KankuroKiba InuzukaKisame Hoshigaki
"So we should just be friends again." With these words, Kiba was abandoned by his first great love, Kankurou. In his frustration binge, he makes the acquaintance of a guy who just doesn't want to give up. But maybe this will help him get back on his feet again? [KisamexKiba] [KisaxKiba] [ModernAU]
HistoryDrama, tragedy / P18 / Het
A one-time offer tempts Kira to fight the Madara Uchiha. Actually, she just wanted to move on, she didn't want to get involved with the Klan that had stolen everything from her. But this offer was far too tempting and Madara's provocations did the rest. A heated battle broke out and it seemed pretty clear who would win, even if the tide turned one time or another. Although Kira is not enthusiastic about the outcome of the fight, she surrenders more or less voluntarily and is already planning her escape, but when something else mixed up ... She didn't know what to do next (I still have a few thoughts about it Made Madara's backstory and that got around, I'm happy if you read it: D). (MadaraxOc)
HistoryFriendship, Action / P12 / Het
Genma ShiranuiKakashi HatakeNaruto UzumakiOC (Own Character) Sasuke Uchiha
Driven by the desire for a peaceful future, the orphans Murakami twins Natsumi and Hideki move to Konohagakure, where their mother originally comes from. There they experience the hardship of fate which puts them to the test: What are they ready to sacrifice for their future? And what is it that stands in their way? Is it her enemies, her friends, the rest of the family, or is it her powers that she was originally supposed to protect? > SasukexOC <
HistoryDrama, love story / P18 / Het
Akasuna no SasoriDeidaraNaruto UzumakiSakura HarunoSasuke Uchiha
"I didn't think you'd come," he says after a while. "Otherwise Ino would have been disappointed," I simply reply. He nods. For a few minutes there is an uncomfortable silence between us. "You look good, maybe I shouldn't have left you after all," he says mockingly, brushing his bangs from his face. Real-Life / Pairings [SasuxSaku / SakuxNaru + secondary pairings; Lemons]
HistoryGeneral / P16 / Gen
Kakashi Hatake, Naruto Uzumaki, Obito UchihaOC (Own Character)
You all know the Naruto story. I am an absolute fan of her. BUT I always wanted to write you a little differently. So have fun reading;)
HistoryGeneral / P18 / Gen
Izuna UchihaMadara UchihaOC (Own Character)
The rain pelted down heavily from the black thunderclouds, was greedily absorbed by the dry, cracked earth and mixed with the blood to form a thick, treacherous layer of mud. One wrong step, one wrong weight distribution, one wrong footstep - and you would lose your balance, which meant certain death on the battlefield. (Madara Uchiha x OC)
HistoryGeneral / P12 / Mix
Naruto UzumakiOC (Own Character) Sakura HarunoSasuke UchihaShikamaru Nara
Sasuke and his best friend Sakura study law together. They want to become lawyers who are concerned with justice, not easy money. When they received an earlier case file from their professor to work on, they noticed various similarities with the stories told by their former classmate Naruto. When you decide to speak to your professor about it, you get another case file to work on. Will you find out what the file is about? And especially where Naruto stayed after or actually still during school?
Short storyRomance, Friendship / P18 / MaleSlash
GaaraKankuroKiba InuzukaSakura HarunoShino Aburame
Continuation of my FF "Curious": Will the 'upgrade' of their friendship work as Kiba and Kankurou imagined? Especially when roommates and siblings get involved - not to mention unfamiliar feelings? (Pairing: KibaxKankurou, various secondary pairings are mentioned)
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