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  1. If you want to play Fallout 4 and Skyrim after adding them to Xbox Game Pass, you should wait: Microsoft will soon be doubling the frame rate.

    03/13/2021 111 CommentsVideo
  2. As expected, Microsoft will offer many Bethesda games as an Xbox subscription after the takeover. But the sheer number is surprising.

    03/12/2021 15 CommentsVideo
  3. The antitrust authorities have approved the takeover of Bethesda. Now it's getting exciting: There should be news in March 2021.

    03/08/202 146 CommentsVideo
  4. From Fallout to The Witcher 3: Modders breathe new life into their favorite games. Sometimes the mods even become stand-alone games.
    By Rainer Sigl

    02.02.202 119 commentsVideo
  5. A new Doom or Fallout could appear for the Playstation 5 despite the takeover of Bethesda, says Microsoft.

    09/22/202050 CommentsVideo
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  2. OEDIV KG, Bielefeld
  3. QUNDIS GmbH, Erfurt
  4. Winicker Norimed GmbH Medical Research, Nuremberg

  1. Doom is now part of Microsoft - it takes some getting used to. The takeover of Bethesda should help the group enormously in the long term.
    An IMHO from Peter Steinlechner

    09/21/20208 CommentsVideo
  2. Doom, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout will belong to Microsoft in the future: The group wants to take over the Bethesda developer studio with all brands.

    09/21/2020182 CommentsVideo
  3. The scenario is reminiscent of Fallout - but Wasteland 3, located in icy Colorado, convinces RPG fans with its own strengths.
    By Peter Steinlechner

    08/26/202022 CommentsVideo
  4. Amazon's film studio has hired Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy to produce a TV series based on Fallout.

    07/03/20207 CommentsVideo
  5. Fallout 76 should only offer cosmetic extras for euros, but operator Bethesda is now announcing pay-to-win elements: players can buy a repair kit available in two versions for real money.

    09.04.201935 CommentsVideo
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  1. There is no talk of switching to free-to-play, instead Bethesda wants to upgrade its online game Fallout 76 with three major expansions. At the end of 2019, a new main story called Wastelanders will appear.

    02/25/201936 CommentsVideo
  2. "I think software for cheating is stupid because ...": In order to be able to use blocked accounts again, cheaters in the role-playing game Fallout 76 should apparently write an essay and send it to the publisher Bethesda.

    12/27/2018 146 CommentsVideo
  3. The season's tactical surprise tastes like poultry: The dark, funny and challenging Mutant Year Zero shows how a good tactical role-playing game works. Fallout and Xcom fans should take a bite.
    By Jan Bojaryn

    12/14/20187 CommentsVideo
  1. With three updates every week, Bethesda wants to improve its online role-playing game Fallout 76 and take up criticism from the community. With the first patch, the inventory will be significantly larger - and inactive players no longer have to fear for their health.

    05.12.201853 commentsVideo
  2. On paper, Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game, but in reality there is little going on in the big wide world. So far, the visit has been particularly worthwhile for nature lovers and survivors.
    By Jan Bojaryn

    11/20/2018 168 comments video
  3. The Fallout 76 nuclear bunker is festively decorated, but the game still sends us to the outside world as soon as possible. Golem.de tried out in the beta what the Bethesda online role-playing game feels like.
    By Peter Steinlechner

    31.10.201849 CommentsVideo
  1. Shortly before the launch of the beta version for PC gamers, Bethesda published the Fallout 76 system requirements. Hopes for long adventures in the pre-release version, however, at least according to the experience of Xbox access, are not likely.

    10/26/2018 108 CommentsVideo
  2. With a virtual currency called Atoms, players in Fallout 76 should be able to customize their appearance. According to the Bethesda development studio, the atoms should be available for smaller and larger successes - and for real euros.

    09.10.201830 CommentsVideo
  3. On October 23, 2018, players with an Xbox One can try the Fallout 76 beta, with all others following a week later. Manufacturer Bethesda is already pointing out that there will always be breaks for error corrections and analysts.

    28.09.201811 CommentsVideo
  1. Gamescom 2018 ideas for new games like Starfield, the long waiting times for a new The Elder Scrolls and the online mode of Fallout 76: Golem.de spoke to Bethesda Marketing Director Pete Hines.
    An interview by Peter Steinlechner

    03.09.201828 CommentsVideo
  2. If you don't feel like PvP or other encounters in Fallout 76, you can draw hope - but you have to wait: Bethesda will later also allow private servers on which even mods should work. At the same time, the developer studio presents the penalties for trolls in online games.

    08/13/201820 CommentsVideo
  3. This will be interesting: Only in October 2018 - shortly before the release - players should dive into the long-announced beta of Fallout 76 and try out how well the concept actually works.

    07/24/201853 CommentsVideo
  1. In Fallout 76 there are 24 to 32 players in one world - that is not many, but enough for potential long-term arguments. Now Bethesda has said it should prevent unwanted feuds between participants.

    21.06.201811 CommentsVideo
  2. E3 2018 It's going to be post-nuclear again: After a long and mysterious live stream, the development studio Bethesda presents its role-playing game Fallout 76 with a teaser.

    05/30/2018 166 commentsVideo
  3. E3 2018 Publisher Bethesda is apparently currently advertising a new Fallout - and is even making money with it: up to 140,000 viewers watch a mysterious "Please wait" notice on Twitch.

    05/30/201811 CommentsVideo
  4. Bethesda has now released its entertaining free-to-play building game Fallout Shelter for the Xbox One. The real highlight is the support of Play Anywhere - i.e. the exchange with the version for Windows 10.

    02/08/20174 CommentsVideo
  5. High-resolution textures for particularly fast PCs and support for the Playstation 4 Pro: developer Bethesda wants to significantly improve the graphics of Fallout 4 in the next few days.

    01/30/2017 115 CommentsVideo
  6. The Elder Scrolls 6 does not currently have the status of a "large, active project" - but at least chief developer Todd Howard commented on the RPG series at all. He also announces support for the Xbox Scorpio for Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

    11/22/2016 44 CommentsVideo
  7. After a long delay, Playstation 4 owners can now use mods for Fallout 4 - albeit with restrictions. Bethesda also announced that they want to support the PS4 Pro with the next update.

    11/18/201615 CommentsVideo
  8. A mod called Vault 1080, which Nvidia developed for Fallout 4, should offer a good hour of survival. The adventure relies heavily on smartly made light and shadow effects - significantly more than in the normal version of the role-playing game.

    09/01/2016 39 CommentsVideo
  9. Bethesda has now released the update to version 1.6 of Fallout 4 for all three platforms. This means that the convenience function of the exit save is also available on consoles. In addition, the chance of a personal address by the Codsworth robot has increased further.

    07/19/20168 CommentsVideo
  10. PC gamers can now try out the Creation Kit for Fallout 4 and thus also mods in the open beta. Bethesda has also announced when mods will be available on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

    04/27/20160 CommentsVideo
  11. More items for the workshop, bug fixes and support for the addons: Bethesda has released a new beta patch to version 1.4 for the PC version of Fallout 4.

    02/23/201627 CommentsVideo
  12. The international version of Fallout 3 will be removed from the index of the federal inspection agency for media harmful to minors at the request of Bethesda. According to speculation, the reason is a new HD edition - but another explanation seems more likely.

    02/17/2016 64 CommentsVideo
  13. Build your own robots and traps as well as a big new case for the Valentine detective agency: This is what players can expect in the first three paid add-ons for the role-playing game Fallout 4 from Bethesda.

    02/16/201661 CommentsVideo
  14. After a longer break, Bethesda is becoming more active again in Fallout 4: The survival mode is to be changed, and the first additional content will apparently be coming soon. The console version already offers a greater range of vision via patch.

    02/12/2016 26 CommentsVideo
  15. The patch to version 1.3 of Fallout 4 contains bug fixes as well as a few new functions, such as a status menu in settlements. The PC version is available now, and console players should receive the update by the end of the week.

    02.02.201612 CommentsVideo
  16. Despite an ultra-short marketing campaign, Fallout 4 has blossomed into arguably the greatest success of 2015 - and thus avoided a problem for the developers of The Witcher 3. Golem.de's annual review reveals what else has happened at the Games.
    By Peter Steinlechner

    12/27/201582 CommentsVideo
  17. Bethesda has released the first patch for Fallout 4 for the PC version. It corrects a number of errors and should also appear for the PS4 and Xbox One versions in the next few days.

    12/08/201542 CommentsVideo
  18. With a first patch for the PC version of Fallout 4, developer Bethesda wants to fix errors in memory management, among other things. The beta update to version 1.2.33 is not yet available for the console versions.

    11/24/2015 115 CommentsVideo
  19. Two hundred years after the great nuclear war, the player crawls to the post-nuclear surface of the earth in Boston - and can then experience an epic adventure at its finest in Fallout 4. Golem.de shows how it looks on the different platforms in the graphic video.
    By Peter Steinlechner

    11/09/2015 374 CommentsVideo
  20. Players can now take a look at the cards and character values ​​of Fallout 4 with the companion app, which is available free of charge for iOS and Android. Even a fun arcade game is built in.

    05.11.201527 CommentsVideo
  21. The PC version of Fallout 4 does not contain all of the data required for playing on the disc. The rest of the data must be downloaded to their computers via Steam. Publisher Bethesda wants to fight black copies.

    10/17/2015 201 CommentsVideo
  22. The system requirements for Fallout 4 are not post-apocalyptic high: medium-speed hardware should be able to handle the role-playing game. For the maximum of graphics, however, a powerful PC is required. Information is now also available on the activation time and hard drive space on consoles.

    09.10.2015 181 CommentsVideo
  23. If you want to download Fallout 4 for the Xbox One, you have to expect a download of around 30 GB. The value applies to the German version, which should also contain the English voice output.

    09/28/201573 CommentsVideo
  24. The Creation Kit will only appear after the release of Fallout 4, and updates and paid extensions are planned: Developer Bethesda has published an outlook on the long-term plans for the post-apocalyptic role-playing game.

    09.09.201530 CommentsVideo
  25. The role-playing game Fallout 4 appears in Germany without any changes in content compared to the original version. The German Bethesda branch has not yet commented on the voice output.

    07.09.201582 CommentsVideo
  26. Gamescom 2015 A few details about the character system and fights in the Super Duper Markt: Bethesda showed new scenes from its omnipresent role-playing game Fallout 4 at the games fair in Cologne.

    08/05/201552 CommentsVideo
  27. The character and weapon values ​​play a slightly smaller role, the skill of the player a slightly larger role: Chief Designer Todd Howard has spoken about important details about the combat system of Fallout 4.

    07/10/2015 31 CommentsVideo
  28. Fallout 4 mods created by fans will first be available for the PC version, then for the Xbox One and then probably for the Playstation 4, according to Bethesda. There is one point where the consoles are treated the same: in terms of resolution and frame rate.

    06/23/201586 CommentsVideo
  1. Game test: Fallout 3 - Adventure after the atomic bomb

    In the post-nuclear world of Fallout 3, mutants and other victims of the big, fat bomb rule. In the desolate wasteland, in addition to huge mountains of rubble and the most diverse dangers, something else lurks: a role-playing game with addictive potential.

  2. Fallout 3 with downloadable quests - new gameplay video

    Bethesda wants to offer a lot of additional content as a download for its role-playing game Fallout 3 - and has learned from mistakes. Instead of simple objects as in earlier games, there should be quests that keep adventurers busy for several hours in the post-nuclear world - at least if they are not playing on the wrong platform.

  3. Fallout 3: Postnatal in a post-nuclear world

    From toddler to superhero - this is meant literally in the upcoming role-playing game Fallout 3, because players start out as babies in the post-nuclear world and take their first steps at the age of nine months. Golem.de saw the new version of the title live in Paris at the Ubidays and spoke to Pete Hines, the deputy head of the Bethesda Softworks development team.

  4. Interview: Fallout 3 - atomic bombs and bad karma

    For 2008, Bethesda Softworks (Oblivion) ​​has announced the third part of Fallout, which will remain true to the core of the series. However, as a mix of 3D action and RPG, Fallout 3 will do a lot differently. Fallout 1 and 2 are the "spiritual successors" of the classic game Wasteland, meanwhile, themselves. Golem.de asked Bethesda frontman Peter "Pete" Hines on the occasion of E3 2007 about the future of Fallout.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active in the test

    With the Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung has launched a top smartphone in an outdoor guise for the first time. Our test proved that the device is the better Galaxy S4 thanks to almost identical hardware plus water protection.
    (Samsung Galaxy S4 Active)

  2. The new PS3 is the most service-friendly version

    The teardown analysis by iFixit shows: Sony's new PS3 Super Slim console is the most easily dismantled version of the Playstation 3 to date. It also becomes clear how Sony was able to reduce the case volume so much.
    (Playstation 3 Super Slim)

  3. Canon with a small and inexpensive full-frame camera

    With the EOS 6D, Canon has given an answer to Nikon's D600. The new full-frame camera from Canon is also relatively inexpensive and smaller than, for example, a 5D Mark III.
    (Canon 6d)

  4. Keep rental DVD film from 1 euro

    Anyone who has rented a film and would like to keep it right away can have it now without illegally copying and burning the data carrier. Videobuster customers can buy rental films cheaply.
    (Video Buster)

  5. Kinect Star Wars test video
    This is not the Kinect game you are looking for

    Kinect Star Wars was announced at E3 2011 as one of the upcoming Kinect games for hardcore gamers. In the test, however, we quickly find that the developers of the casual side have fallen into power.

  6. iTunes Match streams songs with defused lyrics

    Apple's iTunes Match replaces uploaded pieces of music with drastic texts when streaming with more harmless versions. However, this is not intended to be a mistake.
    (Itunes Match)

  7. Tablet with full HD display

    In Las Vegas, Asus is presenting the new version of its Eee Pad Transformer with the 700 series. The Android tablet has a 10-inch display that shows 1,920 x 1,200 pixels.
    (Asus Transformer 700)

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