Is emotional intelligence more important than IQ

Emotional intelligence - why IQ alone is not enough

Advice on all aspects of the success factor emotional intelligence | Detailed exercise part for people of all ages

Heidelberg, July 03, 2018

For a long time, the IQ was considered a crucial prerequisite for a successful career. For over two decades, however, experts have been of the opinion that the IQ alone is no longer a guarantee of success. Rather, other competencies and psychological abilities seem to be essential for living and working together with other people. This view is in turn directly related to emotional intelligence. But what exactly does the so-called EQ include and what are its characteristics? The authors Irina Bosley and Erich Kasten answer these and other questions in their book Emotional intelligence an answer.

The guide is based on psychological theories and findings and compares IQ and EQ. The experts describe their respective meaning and interaction as a success factor in life. In her opinion, emotional intelligence is a foundation for every human relationship and is responsible for personal well-being. It essentially relates to perceiving, understanding and acting on feelings. The authors point out that emotional intelligence can be described by emotional and social skills and can even be measured with certain test procedures. Bosley and Kasten emphasize that this form is becoming more and more important, because "nowadays the powers and abilities of the heart are perhaps even more important than those of the head." They make it clear that despite a high IQ one can fail in life due to low emotional intelligence .

The book is divided into six chapters and is rounded off with an exercise section for all age groups. The guide is aimed at children, adolescents and adults. This gives the reader the opportunity to train their own EQ and get to know their individual strengths and weaknesses. The aim is that your own potential is implemented better than before. The authors emphasize: "The present work is committed to this optimistic goal as well as the modern knowledge of psychology."

Irina Bosley is a qualified engineer-mathematician and works as a software developer and author. She develops new types of puzzles as well as IQ and EQ tasks. Prof. Dr. Erich Kasten is Professor of Neuropsychology and Research Methodology at the Medical School in Hamburg. He is also the author of numerous specialist books. With their advisor, they demonstrate that the EQ cannot be viewed as the opposite of the classic IQ, but rather extends the old concept of intelligence, "in which only cognitive abilities were viewed as a prerequisite for success in life."

Irina Bosley | Erich Kasten
Emotional intelligence
A guide with exercises for children, adolescents and adults
2018, 215 pp., 96 ills.
19.99 € (D) | € 20.46 (A) | CHF 20.50
ISBN 978-3-662-54814-1
Also only available as an eBook

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